Saturday, July 25, 2015

Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs Review

No man should have to lug around his wife’s diaper bag that is pink with lime green flowers and has cutesy little designs. Fathers are not considered when it comes to the diaper bag, there is an unspoken assumption that diaper bags are only for mothers. With the new Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs, dads can be stylish and prepared. The caddy packs an arsenal of diapers and wipes, armed and ready for multiple ways to carry, covert design for use anywhere, conceals personal items in zippered pocket, has water-resistant lining for unforeseen emergencies and it includes a matching wipes holder.



Wipes Holder

Our Thoughts

I love camo anything, whether for males or females, I just love it. My husband isn't a fan of carrying around my gold diaper bag so this was a good option for him to use when it's just he and our son. Also, I love using it just as much so I use it when I go out and about myself.

I am able to fit about 5 diapers in here and shove my keys or other items that I have on hand. With the wipes container, I like that it's not hard and bulky, and you can see through it to know how many wipes you have in there. I did have the issue of the zipper leaking the liquid from the wipes so they dried out. If it's just for a day trip it would work perfectly, but I would not use the wipes holder as a permanent wipes container.

The fabric is strong and sturdy, it doesn't seem like it'd tear apart easily, as in the seams are done quite well. The Daddy Caddy is also easy to clean. I've simply put it in the washer (on cold) and it cleans up any messes such as the hidden snacks my older ones will put in there and melt. 

My favorite aspect of the Daddy Caddy is the huge hook on it. It clips onto the outside of a book bag, which makes it easy for hiking, and it's also large enough to click onto the handle of my stroller. I don't have to search around the bottom of the stroller for my diaper bag and then a smaller diaper package and wipes in order to do a quick change, it's just right there on the handle!

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Reviewed by Jackie


VickieC said...

my grandson would love this,he is so into cammo related items

rochelle said...

My kids would love this it is nice

Unknown said...

This is great, would love to have one for myself lol Thank you for this great review and product information! SO awesome :)

Sandy Cain said...

This is really nice! I know more than a few guys who woukd faint at the idea of carrying around a frilly, flowered, or Hello Kitty embossed diaper bag, About time they started making one for the men!

An Apel a Day said...

How handy. I think there are a lot of dads out there that could use this.

slehan said...

Of course dads need to carry this stuff without embarrassment. I like the hook on it.

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