Saturday, July 25, 2015

From Stressed to Centered - A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You

From Stressed to Centered is a one of a kind book because of its comprehensive approach, thoughtfully crafted structure, and practical methods that yield long-term results. From Stressed to Centered is a top to bottom offering that includes innovative Stress Management and Self-Care assessments which are powerful evaluative tools culled from Drs. Gionta and Guerra's years as behavior change experts within both clinical and organizational environments. From there, the book offers easy-to-integrate life-changing strategies to release yourself from stress and find a centered core from where you can be your most present and do your best work.From Stressed to Centered teaches you how to manage your stress through simple, actionable, portable techniques in only a few moments - anywhere, any time. The book also provides you with proven strategies to help you create your own powerful self-care toolkit to recognize and avoid burnout and stay on a low-stress path. 

From Stressed to Centered - A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You authors Dana Gionta, Ph.D., and Dan Guerra, Psy.D. are both clinical psychologists and executive coaches in the New York City metro and Tri-state area. With a combined 30+ years of behavior change expertise, they have joined forces to write this powerful guide to help you shift your own behavior so you can be in better control of your own life.  
About The Authors:

Dr. Dana Gionta is a clinical psychologist, executive coach and organizational consultant with expertise in self-care, stress management and organizational health. Dr. Gionta works with high potential managers, senior executives and teams in small to larger Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations in various industries, including health, law and hospitality. In her life coaching and psychology practice, she helps individuals make courageous changes in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Gionta is also an author, national speaker and trainer on topics related to stress management, self-care, boundaries and emotional health. 

Dr. Dan Guerra is a licensed clinical psychologist and an executive coach with expertise in stress management and behavioral change.  His innovative treatments help people emerge better versions of themselves, so they're more fulfilled in their personal relationships, successful in their careers and enjoy overall improvement in the quality of their lives. His tireless pursuit of healing and freeing people from negative behavioral patterns has led him down many different avenues. Dr. Guerra is a psychologist, psychotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, educator, executive coach, Playback Theatre actor, author, and international public speaker. 

My Thoughts

The author really asks you to dig deep in this book! Stress comes from a lot of different things. In order to understand it you have to work on yourself and know your limits, and how to deal with it appropriately. This book is rather interactive as the author asks you questions to help further your self-care. 

Being able to apply what you're reading to your every day life is vital, and a lot of books are just a read through, this book is different. The authors really want you to know how to apply what you're learning in your day to day routines. Having a plan in place to know how to control your stressors instead of them controlling you is my favorite aspect of this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who lives a fast paced and stress filled life. Not only that but for those who just are living with stress and not understanding how to control it, this book is perfect! Compact, concise, and filled with every day words, you really "get" what it is they're teaching you!


Lori Pouncey said...

This sounds like an amazing read! I love my life as it is now, but only after many, many changes! Thanks for the great read share, I will def look into this one ;)

Janet W. said...

This would be a great gift for my oldest daughter who is very stressed in her life juggling family and a full time job.

Sue Emery said...

Stress is a KILLER!! My oldest daughter likes to read these kind of books. I find solace in my faith & reading the Bible!! Jesus has helped me more times than I can count with all my life's challenges. HE is always there - I love talking to HIM! It was & is HIE grace that has helped me with my cancer & other health problems!!