Monday, July 6, 2015

Candide baby Smart Armchair with Spare Blanket Review

Candide Baby Smart Armchair with Spare Blanket
Consider this baby’s first throne! Developed in conjunction with child development experts to help babies learn to sit up, this adorable chair features storage pockets for bottles and toys and a spare blanket that attaches to the back. For ages 9 months+.

Toddlers love having a special place to sit while watching their favorite movie! This chair provides a place for their blanket, lovey doll, drinks or snacks!

They don't just have items for older babies and toddlers, but while you're pregnant and for your young baby as well. Look how comfortable and functional this is!

Our Thoughts

Was happy to get this. Each of my children have their own special sitting place, and it makes life much easier when everyone has a designated seat. No fighting and no "dibs"! Now I have a toddler seat for my youngest child that sits next to my daughter's strawberry chair.

Sturdy foam, it doesn't easily get smooshed down. The blanket fastens nicely in the back of the chair so it's either out of the way or easily accessible for my son to pull off the velcro. There is also a handle at the back of the chair to move around with just one hand.

The side pocket holds various items, I've come to find out. From hidden paper, toys, a lovey doll, dirty diapers, snacks and more. It's quite versatile. I suspect it's best to hold a stuffed animal or a few small toys just for your toddler.

The cup holder is my favorite, it fits all standard sippy cups perfectly and my son has a fun time of taking his cup out to take a sip and then putting it back in. Rinse and repeat about twenty times and he's occupied.

He is definitely a fan of the chair, just not so much a fan of having to sit still for pictures!

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Reviewed by Jackie