Monday, July 6, 2015

Former Children's Authors Continue To Do Well With Adults

Although it might seem like it isn't as difficult to do, most people understand that it takes a special amount of understanding and an ability to step into an age group's world in order to be successful writing children's books.

At the same time, when people that have been successful writing for young people turn to writing adult novels, there is sometimes the notion by potential adult readers that their material won't approach something they could read from someone who has always focused on writing for adults.

And then there are the success stories- part of an ongoing trend, really, where authors that have been successful with children's and young adult stories break through to the adult market and then write for both.

In 2015, the best-seller list seems destined to see more of that. Here are a couple of examples of authors that crossover well:

Judy Blume: Ever since Judy Blume's books came out for young adults decades ago, she has been read in junior high schools and high schools throughout America. Her ability to tell a story with emotional depth that makes sense to young people and still compels the reader with an interesting plotline is legendary. Her move to writing adult novels as well was completed years ago and her new book, 'In The Unlikely Event', is climbing the bestseller list for its authentic 1950's period drama that provides readers with insight into the modern family as well.

Daniel Handler: Mr. Handler has a penchant for approaching the modern family from a different perspective. His work has been lauded for its edginess at times and his willingness to sacrifice conventionality in order to underline his themes. Most readers know him from his Lemony Snicket: An Unfortunate Series of Events, a wildly popular series of books for children. Yet there is much more to his work and his new novel for adults, 'We Are Pirates' is a very good example of how powerful his work is when the story contains protagonists that are both adult and children. One way to get more insight into his adult perspective is to visit Reddit, where you can see where some of his viewpoint originates.

Families, young people, adults. It isn't easy to crossover and write successfully for all ages of person. Yet 2015 looks like it will be another year where some writers will continue to make their mark in multiple markets.