Monday, July 6, 2015

Enjoy a Summer a BBQ with Staples Sustainable Earth Products - Below budget, Above expectations

When it comes to celebrating the 4th, keeping our country clean and healthy should be a priority. All those barbeques are fun, but think of all the waste they leave behind. Thankfully, there are lots of ways we can make a difference. Just one of those ways is by making wise purchasing decisions.  Sustainable Earth by Staples are the perfect way to enjoy your barbeques on the 4th of July and all summer long.  These eco-preferable products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials and are third-party certified to validate their environmental attributes. Here are just a few examples of the products they offer:

Whether it's for an office party or a holiday get-together, these compostable cold cups are the perfect choice.  They won't leak or crack, but they are also biodegradable so you won't have to worry about them sitting in a landfill somewhere. Great for serving sodas or cocktails.
The Sustainable Earth Compostable Plates are something to rave about. They are nice and thick so you'll never cut through the plate with your knife or have pizza grease leak all over your hands, but they are a better choice for the environment. They make for easy cleanup without any guilt. 

Last but not least, this sturdy cutlery will complete your table settings. They have forks, spoons, and knives, all available for affordable prices. 

This weekend we had a big summer barbeque before the fireworks started, and the Staples Sustainable Earth Products made all the difference. We were able to set out the whole table with everything we needed including dishes, cups, bowls, napkins, and plastic-ware.  The settings looked lovely and these heavy duty products held up better than any paper plates we've ever used.
The best part about using the Staples Sustainable Earth Products was the simple cleanup. It only took a few minutes to gather up all the disposable dishes. We didn't even have to turn on the dishwasher. The only thing left to clean was the grill. With less work to do, we were able to make it to the boardwalk early and get a great spot to watch the fireworks.  Staples Sustainable Earth Products helped make our 4th of July a night to remember. Best of all, we know we made the right choice about the products we used. Every footstep counts, and this summer the only thing we're leaving behind are the footprints in the sand.  

These are just a few of the awesome green products in the Sustainable Earth line. They also have notebooks, calculators, pens and so much more. They are below budget, above expectations. To view the full collection be sure to stop in the store or visit their website. To keep up with future projects and promotions, follow Staples on face book or twitter.