Wednesday, June 10, 2015

D-Link AC1900 Router Review - Father's Day Gift Guide

With so many tech gifts on the shelves, dad needs a router that delivers extremely fast 11AC Wi-Fi speeds, creating a maximum-performance wireless network designed to handle high-bandwidth activities – like HD streaming and lag-free gaming – even in the farthest corners of the house. With dual-band technology, dad can perform simple Internet activities on the 2.4GHz band and more demanding activities on the cleaner, interference-free 5GHz band, plus an all-new user interface makes it easier than ever to control a network from a smartphone or tablet.

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My Thoughts

The D-Link 1900 is a pretty impressive router. My home is full of gadgets. Between smart phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming systems, we are always on the internet and need a router that can handle us all, especially with summer here. We've been using the D-Link 1900 in our home for about two weeks now. This router is packed full of great features that we don't have the network fully set-up yet to the way we want it.

For the most part, this router was easy to install. We were up and running with internet again in no time. I've seen a big improvement in speed since using this router versus our old one. This router seems to be able to handle our family with much more ease.

A few features that I really like about this router is the parental control features and being able to choose which device it works with. I have a son who is a tween, and if I let him, he'll stay on the computer or tablet all day. I am able to block out the hours he has internet access and even the amount of time. As well, I can choose what kind of content he can see on the internet.

The router also has the feature of cloud storage. As far as I can tell, it's secure and only accessible to our family. I believe the things we place on the cloud, we can also access them when not home. So if we have photos on our network cloud, we can log in and show them to relatives when visiting their home.

As far as the technical stuff, it appears you can have several things hardwired into this router. There is a USB 3.0 USB port on the side. You can place an external hard drive there and be able to access it from any computer in the house. This I like, because I have my world on a pink external hard drive, so it would be nice to place it at one spot in the house and not have to move it around from computer to computer like I do.

Over all, we were very impressed with this router. It has a ton, and I mean TON of features that makes it perfect for any home. We are still tinkering with it and learning about it each weekend when we sit down to work on the home network. It isn't that it's hard to set up, it's just that it comes with so many features that we are still learning which ones we need and don't.



lisa said...

This sounds like a pretty good gift idea. I'm not into all of this myself, but it sounds good.

Melissa Storms said...

I think we could really use this, I love that you ave the option of cloud storage with it.

Jerry Marquardt said...

This looks like quite a router, I would like to get one for myself.

william gossage said...

This sound like a great idea and something i can use