Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Art of Having It All – A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance

The Art of Having It All – Christy Whitman

Many of us feel like the universe often holds a far bigger vision for us than we are capable of seeing for ourselves at any particular moment in time.  As we get older, and experience life, we see that getting ahead requires that we embrace change and understand that we need to move toward it in a fluid way, not against it … it’s very much like dancing. 

It’s not all about winning, or having lots of money, and or a fantastic career and wonderful family. Having it all is more about the feeling we carry with us in the privacy of our own hearts and minds.

In the new book The Art of Having It All – A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance  (due out January 31, 2015), Christy Whitman offers up a modern strategy for women who want to “have it all”. She lays out a path forward that shows people how to feel thankful, hopeful, and healthy all at the same time, all the time. 

The ideas she shares can not only be used to chart a course to greater abundance and success, but to a deeper connection with yourself and an increased ability to enjoy all that you are and all that you have created and have yet to create. Here are some of the steps she recommends women take.

My thoughts:

What a great, powerful book!   I read this book from front to back within two days.  And I plan on re-reading it again.  

While reading this book, it was as if Christy Whitman was talking directly to me.  She writes in a simple, easy to follow manner.  Each and every chapter is very powerful.  And at the end of every chapter there is a play sheet, which made me think deep as I was completing the play sheet.  

Each chapter in this book is just as good as the one before.  I loved reading Christy   Whitman's personal stories.  I could actually relate to a couple of them.  As I reached the end of this book, I know I can have it all.  I can have a better, loving, happy, peaceful life.  I will also be able to rid and let go of things to hold me back such as my negative doubts.  I will be using a lot of what i read and learned from Christy's book to incorporate  a better life for me.

I highly recommend this book to the young and old, women as well as men.