Saturday, May 23, 2015

Book Review: Gone Before: How The Here And There Are Not As Far Apart As We Might Think

Gone Before shares a story of miracles, inspiration, and love that transcends all space and time. Inspired by the end of her mother’s earthly life, it is a gift of never ending hope.
Pittsburgh, PA – Gone Before came about after the death of author Judy Fisher’s mother in 2010 – a vehicle to express the power of what she heard, saw, felt and learned from the experience, and what she continues to learn and feel today. The newly released autobiographical book is published by Outskirts Press.
Throughout her childhood, Judy Fisher heard tales of loved ones reaching back from their next lives to touch those in this world. She both doubted and feared the implications and possibilities presented by the accounts. Then she faced the illness and subsequent death of her mother … and everything changed.
Gone Before is a powerful story of the author’s experiences and personal journey during and since her mother’s death. It is an honest and emotional account of the miracles that occur when those who have crossed over return to comfort, enlighten and assist souls that will soon join them and those left behind.
Because of her mother’s awareness and ability to recount details of the communication she was having with loved ones who have crossed over, author Judy Fisher hears and witnesses her mother’s preparations for her own journey to the other side. It is a rare peek into the process of a soul preparing for, accepting and ultimately embarking on that final journey – and the comfort of knowing a loved one is being cared for and embraced by a legion of loving souls.
Written as a gift to the author’s sons and her mother, Gone Before touches upon the author’s own memories, doubts, fears, and the eventual spiritual awakening that is possible when one realizes and accepts the fact that those on the other side remain in our lives through spirit. It also details how the belief that we will one day join those loving souls can provide confidence and inspiration for the journey we all take through this life.
My thoughts:
Judy Fisher did a fine job with this book.  It is under one hundred fifty pages, and an easy read.
Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down until I finished it.  It was very emotional and had my crying, so be sure to have tissues handy.  Our departed loved ones are still with us.  For anyone who has lost loved ones or anyone near and dear to your heart, than this is definitely a book for you to read.