Saturday, May 23, 2015

Finger Knitting Fun: 28 Cute, Clever, and Creative Projects for Kids

Vickie Howell's popular shows have introduced audiences at PBS, HGTV and the DIY network to the worlds of knitting needles and crochet hooks. Now, this Austin-based mom is going beyond hooks and needles.
Filled with 28 projects that only need the ends of your hands to work, this book is perfect for anyone looking for a quick crafting fix. Every project is literally hands on and taps into developing creativity and motor skills while having a lot of fun!
My thoughts:
What a great craft book for girls of all ages.  I had fun doing this with my eleven year old daughter.  I remember playing with yarn as a young girl, but we never had a book like this.  This book is loaded with twenty eight different yarn projects.   Each project has a colorful page of what the project will look like and on the opposite page it tells you everything you need and step by step very easy to follow instructions.
I have done the head turn headband, daisy chain necklace and a magical mobile with my daughter   so far from this book.  They all turned out great. It is also fun going to the craft store and picking out the different colors of yarn. These projects would be great to do at birthday parties, and even in classrooms.