Saturday, May 23, 2015

UNFREEDOM - Opening in Theaters May 29, 2015

UNFREEDOM juxtaposes two powerful and unflinching contemporary stories about religious fundamentalism and intolerance. Shifting between New York and New Delhi, one tale follows a Muslim terrorist who kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar in order to silence him, while the other charts the travails of a young woman whose devout father tries to force her into an arranged marriage, which she resists because she is secretly in love with another woman. The four characters come face to face with gruesome acts of violence in battles of identity, sexuality, religion, love, and family.

My Thoughts:

First this movie is not to be watched with underage children.  It has acts of violence and shows some sexual scenes.  

I found this to be very sad that a young woman, Lala had to hide from her family that was a lesbian and was in love with another woman, Sucky Taylor.  Lala was to be married in an arranged marriage.  She left her home and a video of herself to her father that she was not going to marry the man he had arranged her to marry and she was gay.  She ran to her lover, Sucky.  But Sucky was not happy to see Lala after a year of not seeing her and tells her she is dating a man.  Well, Lala was not going to let Sucky do this and what she does is shocking.  

Shifting to New York, I found it very hard to watch what the Muslim terrorist does to the Liberal Muslim and his family after he kidnaps him.  Very sad.  

I did watch this movie from start to finish.  I don't know if I could watch it again, due to the sadness and violence throughout, but it was not a bad movie.

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