Monday, May 11, 2015

May is National Correct Posture Month - Sit up Straight with Backjoy

There is no better time than May, National Correct Posture Month, to remind readers of the importance of one of mom’s old lessons —“Sit up Straight!” Experts have found that sitting and standing with proper posture may be key to alleviating back pain, which is experienced by 80% of Americans.

 BackJoy, a company that creates products that improve posture and alleviate back pain, recently conducted a  survey that takes a look at the current state of Americans’ posture, back pain and exactly how far Americans would go – and have gone – to find relief. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • The Missing Link. Americans who admit they have bad posture are more likely than those who say they have good posture to experience back pain one a week or more (55% vs. 42%). Yet only 23 percent of Americans realize that simply correcting posture may have a positive effect on back pain.

  • Working Woes. We live a sedentary lifestyle, and being desk-bound likely contributes to why more than two in five (42%) employed Americans experience back pain while working.

  • Life Lessons. Seventy percent of Americans think it’s important that children learn good posture at an early age – compared to only 57 percent who put a high priority on teaching young children to recycle.

  • The New Headache. Nearly half (45%) of people who experience back pain at least once a week have found the silver lining in their pain, using it to their advantage. Fifty-six percent of these sufferers have gotten out of doing chores, 21 percent have used their pain as an excuse to get a seat in a public place and 25 percent have used it to get out of having sex with their partner when they’re not “in the mood”. It seems back pain is the new headache for couples in the bedroom! 

  • Sitting Pretty. The majority of Americans are quick to associate good posture with a host of positive attributes – more than eight in ten perceive someone with good posture as being happy, strong and optimistic. What’s more, nearly half (49%) of Americans find bad posture or slouching unattractive – fewer people would be turned off by someone bringing up an ex (34%) or not having a job (33%).

My Thoughts 

If you're looking for ways to help improve your posture, Back Joy has some amazing products to help you stand up straight. These are a few of my favorites:

BackJoy Product Information

First-of-its-Kind BackJoy SitSmart

The BackJoy SitSmart corrects sitting posture to reduce pressure and strain on the lower back by shifting the user’s center of gravity forward, tilting the hips upright and comfortably “floating” the spine over the seat. It can be used on both hard and soft seating.

  • 87% of BackJoy SitSmart users report less back pain!
  • SRP: $39.99 at, Amazon, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS and more

New BackJoy StandRight Zen, launched spring 2015
  • Designed with BackJoy’s patented Active Stabilization technology, the Zen line provides balance to the body and keeps it aligned from head to toe by helping place the foot in a natural, neutral position. Shock-absorbing materials cushion the foot at impact and disperse energy for extra comfort.
  • SRP:
    • $109.00 for Women’s Zen Oxford (colors: black/pink, sand/orange, mocha/copper)
    • $109.00 for Men’s Zen Oxford (colors: black/blue, chocolate/orange, stone/water)
    • $119.99 for Men’s Zen Chukka (colors: black/blue, chocolate/orange)
  • Available at 

 I got to test out the StandRight Zen Oxfords, and they've made a huge difference for me. I have slight scoliosis, so already my back isn't entirely straight.These  specially crafted shoes are designed with Active Stabilization ™ technology. They guide your feet as your walk, helping you feel more balanced. The shock absorbing material cushions your feet and reduces the impact of your steps. I noticed a difference right away when I wore the Oxfords. I always have issues with my lower back being sore from slouching, but when I wear these, this didn't happen at all.

 In addition to providing these amazing heath benefits, the StandRight Line is also comfortable, fashionable, and functional. The Zen Oxfords are black suede with pink laces and soles which are a great fashion statement that is perfect for the spring, but can also carry over into the fall and winter. In addition to helping with your posture, the sturdy soles offer excellent tread, so you never slip. They are true to size, and cozy enough to wear all day long. In addition to the Zen Oxfords, Backjoy also offers sneakers, flip flops and a variety of other styles for both men and women so you can walk in comfort all year long.

The items I mentioned are only a few of the amazing products available from BackJoy. Right now, you can even enjoy free shipping on all orders! The best gift you can give someone is the chance to live pain free. If someone you love is suffering from chronic pain, introduce them to BackJoy today. Also be sure to connect with BackJoy via their social media.