Friday, May 22, 2015

Get Colorful Hair without Any Dyes with Secret Color

Fun and funky hair colors are all the rage right now, and my teenage daughter has been wanting to jump on that bandwagon. While I do believe in allowing the freedom of self-expression, I also don't want to see her ruin the gorgeous long hair she's spent years growing out by damaging it with bleaching and coloring. Secret Color was the perfect solution.

Secret Color is an easy to use hair extension set that works just like headband. The hair is attached to an elastic band that you stretch and place over your head, leaving the extensions in the back. Then you simply pull free the sides of your hair, allowing them to blend with the extensions. The result is a natural blend of your real hair and the colored hair. It looks amazing, and you can't see the elastic band at all.

We've had our Secret Color for about a week, and my daughter is really happy with the extensions so far. The elastic is thin and you will have to be careful, but if it was any thicker, you'd be able to see it, which would ruin the realism. As long as you aren't rough with the piece, it should last for quite awhile. The  hair is very soft and feels very close to real hair. It's easy to brush as long as you're careful not to pull too hard so you don't break the band. My daughter's hair is pretty dark, and we went with the blue shade, and I was happy to see if shows up very well.  Overall, I think these extensions are pretty fantastic. They gave my daughter the look she was craving without causing any damage to her hair. Plus, if we can get more one, we can easily switch the color to match her outfits.  Both mom and daughter are pleased with this product.