Friday, May 22, 2015

Make Bath Time Fun with Kandoo Simply Suds

Getting dirty is a childhood right; for parents it is their job to clean up the aftermath. From cute hooded towels, to rubber duckies parents spend a lot of time trying to encourage their kids to bathe. There seems to be two sides to the spectrum, little ones who love bath time and are part fish or, a child that has to be pleaded with to bathe. Either way Kandoo has created Simply Suds, bubbles that make bath time more fun for either end of the spectrum.

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My Thoughts
My son has mild eczema, so I have to be careful what products I use for him. I'm always on the look out for bath-care that's made with more natural ingredients. Kandoo Simply Suds  was a great choice for us.  This bubble bath creates generous bubbles the kids love to play in.  They also thought the bottle with the cute little  frog playing in the bubbles was really cute. Just a little squirt will fill your bathtub with bubbles The soap is unscented, which can also  help kids with allergies.
It's soothing formula is Shea and cocoa butter, so it helps to moisturize as well as clean. When we're done, it leaves my son's skin fresh, super soft, and clean. There's never any greasy residues or stinky perfumes left behind.   If you're looking for a gentle soap that can handle all the dirt a little boy can throw at it, this is a great choice.

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