Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bring Summer Fun into the Playroom with PLAYMOBIL

Whether your family prefers to spend time at the beach, enjoy rides at the amusement park, or take fun-filled road trips, kids always love to experience the fun memories over and over again! 

One of PLAYMOBIL’s most exciting new playsets is the Amusement Park theme, allowing kids and families to transform their playrooms into their very own park and boardwalk. With a fully functional Ferris Wheel as its centerpiece and a spectacular light up Spinning Spaceship, the theme has fun additions to assemble a complete amusement park experience including a Tin Can Shooting Game, Flying Swings, Children’s Train, a Smileyworld Balloon Seller, and even a Sweet Shop for your favorite park treats.

For kids that are eager to explore the open waters, spend time with friends outdoors or live like a celebrity, other summer-themed highlights include the Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse, Speed Glider, and Luxury Yacht.  With a roster that includes a wide variety of playsets spanning the exciting worlds of thrilling theme parks, luxurious mansions, epic castles, daring coastal rescues, and more, PLAYMOBIL inspires kids to travel wherever their imaginations may lead them.  

My Thoughts

 I've always loved Playmobil because they provide fun building blocks that are perfect for pre-school aged children. There aren't thousands of pieces that take days or weeks to put together, but they are more engaging than the super large blocks my kids used as babies. Having raised four children, I've gone through quite a few sets over the years. With my youngest turning four, I knew the Amusement Park set would be a great choice for him. We live at the Jersey Shore right near an amusement park, so its like getting to build his own home town.

We were sent the Tin Can Shooting Game to try out, and it is a fun little set. It comes with two action figures--a father and son, as well as a shooting game that really works. Assembly was pretty simple. There aren't a whole lot of pieces,  but some of them can be tricky for small kids. My 12 year-old son helped this younger siblings put it together. In addition to assembling the blocks, you also have to add the stickers. 

 Once it was assembled my kids had a lot of fun using the launcher to knock down the pins.  The only downside is that its very difficult to get the tin cans to stand back up. Even on a flat surface, they fall over. This can be frustrating after a while. The game only held my son's attention for about ten minutes, but his sister stuck with it a little longer. However, if have the whole park set, and not just this one piece, I think it would be more entertaining. Having your action figures visit the rides and games, and alternate all the activities would make it a lot more exciting. Here are some of the other pieces in the Amusement Park set that we hope to add to our collection.

If you'd like to learn more about Playmobil and they have to offer this summer, be sure to visit their website or follow their social media.

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