Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stay Organized with Samepage

I'm probably the most disorganized person in the world, especially when it comes to the my digital files. You'd think being both a blogger and an author, I'd have my computer files organized and backed up, but I'm notoriously bad at doing this.  However, since I discovered Samepage, my organizational skills have improved and I'm getting a lot more done! 

Samepage is a cloud-based platform that can help you manage everything from family reunions to the launch of a big campaign. With just a few clicks of your mouse using your facebook or google + account, you can create your own account and easily merge all the documents and images you need. Dropbox files, Google maps, Office or PDF files, photos and videos can all be saved in one place, and you can allow anyone who is part of the project to have access to them. With Samepage, everyone involved can have their say without messy email chains or unreliable online groups that don't always notify you of follow-up comments.

 As an author, I've found the Samepage service to be indispensable.  I just finished writing a new book, but the completed novel is only the first step in the process . Now we have to go through edits, design a cover, and start a marketing plan.  Samepage is making all of this easier. First, I uploaded my completed PDF manuscript. Instead of emailing individual copies to each person and cluttering up their emails, my publisher, editor, beta readers and proofreader can all access the book through Samepage. We can follow each other's process, and open discussions if someone discovers a plot hole or reads a sentence that isn't quite right.

When it was time to create the cover, Samepage was helpful there too! Everyone involved can go through stock images and add photos they think fit the storyline. Then we can discuss and/or vote for our favorite. Once the cover is designed, we're be able to critique it  and make suggestions. Another great aspect is that my material is secure through Samepage. Only the people who I want to view my documents can see what we share, so there is no fear of leaking content before we're ready to make it public or someone stealing my work before the final version is copyrighted.

When the book is finally ready to be released, you can be sure that Samepage will still be a huge part of my plans. My publisher and I can schedule and view promotions to be sure we never book two on the same day. We can even keep track of social media shares, and compare them against sales to see what outlets are the most successful.

I'm so happy with Samepage, I've already been bragging about it to fellow authors and bloggers. It has made my job a lot easier and more organized, and it makes it easy to keep everyone involved in the loop. You can download Samepage using iTunes or Google Play, allowing you to a access the app from any of your devices, so you can work on projects even when you're on the go.  Plus, it's accessible through your browser.

Want to know the best part about Samepage? It's fast, simple, and FREE. That's right, you can log on right now and start planning your child's next birthday party or your next business venture, and it won't cost you a dime. You can get started with Samepage right now by downloading the app. To learn about all this service has to offer, be sure to visit the Samepage website or follow them via social media.

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Sandra Watts said...

Sounds like a great app. I will have to check it out.