Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Candy Adriatico

I love trying out new snacks, and I especially enjoy trying things from different cultures. Candy Adriatico gives you the opportunity to sample unique treats from far off lands. All of the items included in the box are high quality candies picked by hand from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the countries that share the Adriatic Sea. For one low price, a new selection of delicious snacks can be shipped right to your door, allowing you to sample some of the coolest products on the worldwide market and see which ones you enjoy the most.

 I received a Candy Adriatico box to try out and I was pretty impressed with the selection. The March  box actually had a  Spring theme, and even came personalized with my name on it. The package is a little smaller than a shoe box, but it's packed with tons of tasty treats. This month's box the following selections:

I loved everything inside this box. Chocolate from Europe has a quality you just don't find here in the states, and I loved experimenting with no many different kinds. The fruit candies were also a big hit with my children. I'm excited to see what they come up with for April! 

  If you're looking to try out some new snacks and want a unique experience,you should definitely give  Candy Adriatico  a try. To see what's coming up in April's box, be sure to visit their website. To keep up with new products and promotions, follow them on face book.


rochelle said...

This is nice to have great idea

freddie said...

Oh my, that Croissant looks so good. I love trying things I have never had before. I have tried a lot of candy from Switzerland and they are wonderful too. The only thing is that they put hazel nuts in about everything and if you are allergic, you should read the ingredients before eating their chocolates.

Emily Endrizzi said...

What a fun idea for a subscription box! You know that there are a ton of popular and hilarious videos on YouTube of people trying candy/snacks/food from other countries. My kids love to watch them. It is especially interesting to watch people from other countries eat American treats (that are common and normal for us) for the first time. Sometimes they love them and sometimes they gag! You should make some videos of you and your kids trying these candies for the first time. I'd watch it!

Sandra Watts said...

I want to try the Chocolate from Europe. Yummy.