Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts For Girls

For little girls who love to play at school in their skirts and dresses comes Sparkle Farms bloomer shorts. The shorts aren’t bulky, are extremely comfortable, are undetectable under dresses and hugs their legs better than shorts. Little girls can now run and play, go down slides, etc, all with the freedom of their underwear not showing. Sparkle Farms shorts offer the largest variety of colors and sizes of girls bloomer shorts anywhere. From classic colors like white, navy, and black to favorite colors such as pink, aqua and purple.... even polka dot! 12 sparkling colors to choose from. Choose a single pair, or for the best value, take advantage of their Girls Rule color-coordinated sets of 3. www.sparklefarms.com

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My Thoughts

These were so cute adorable. The company sent them in a a gift wrap package that my daughter loved opening and then stuffed in a cute zipper bag.

My daughter received a pack of 3. 

The diamonds on the sides gave them the extra bling all girly girls want. My daughter loves dresses and skirt, even when they've gotta a bit short. She hates parting with her clothes. Now she can wear some of those skirts a little longer with these shorts under them. It's also nice to send her to school with these under her skirts/dresses on days she has PE.

With a skirt that fits, the shorts are undetectable.

The material was soft. The shorts are a little tighter/shorter then regular shorts so she pulled on them at first until I explained they were meant to be that way. They weren't meant to be shorts to wear to school without a skirt over them. After that, I didn't hear a peep. She's been wearing them non-stop and loves them.

The quality was spot on. They didn't look cheaply made at all and appear to be able to put up with some rough play from a child. I picked at the diamonds a bit to see if they'd fall of easy, but they held up just fine, so I'm not worried about them coming off in the wash.

A great product. One I will be picking up again as she gets older. Now if they made some in my size. :)