Friday, April 3, 2015

Kidz Gear Headphones with Boom Mic

The Kidz Gear Headphones with Boom Mic provide an exceptional interactive audio experience for kids, ideal for foreign language studies and audio/verbal test-taking at school and home.  Building on the success of the original award-winning KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones, the new headphones feature a flexible boom microphone that clearly picks up omnidirectional sound; ergonomically designed soft padded child-sized ear-cups;high-quality audio components; and the proprietary KidzControl Volume Limit Technology,which limits the volume to approximately 80% of the maximum volume output. 

My thoughts:

These are great! The sound quality is really good.  The headphone plug stays securely in any device that we have put it in.  The microphone has a crisp clear sound.  They have a nice drawstring bag that is soft on the inside to store these when not in use.  There is even a a headphone audio splitter cable that you can get so kids/teens and adults can have a friend listen to music, etc with them.  They seem quite sturdy so they will last a long time.

My daughter has so much fun with these.  She loves being able to plug ino her ipod and listen to music, especially when we go on road trips.  She plugs into my phone and calls her friends, and talks into her microphone instead of through the phone. I have even tried these out, and they do have a great sound.  I have even used them while in my car.  All in all these are a great product and I recommend them.  They would make a great gift!

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