Friday, April 3, 2015

Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter

The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener makes opening wine bottles easy while entertaining your guests at the same time. Designed for home and restaurant use, its latest generation battery now opens up to 80 wine bottles with the gentle push of a button, all on a single charge. The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener is completely cordless and includes an elegant recharging base with an LED charging indicator. The Prestige also ships with a free aerating pourer to enhance aromas and a compact foil cutter to remove wine seals. The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener opens both natural and synthetic corks. It also boasts a new ultra light-weight design, a faster motor and an ergonomic rubberized soft grip for effortless handling. Use it at home or take it with you to impress your hosts and guests before the first sip.

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My Thoughts

I was excited to try out this wine opener. At home, all I have are the simple cork screw manual ones. I've pinched my fingers too many times. I removed this from the box and without even reading the instructions, placed it on the bottle of wine and opened it. 

That was EASY! I was pretty impressed at how easy it was to use this product. It will make wine opening much easier in my life--and I have no complaint about that.

I buy cheap wine, so I was curious to try out the areating device that came with it. So, I sipped my wine first and then used the aerater. I could tells a difference in taste. Useing the aerater device gave the wine a smoother taste.

Very awesome product that I would recommend to any wine drinker. In fact, I'm already thinking about gifts of this product to the wine lovers in my life.


Athalia said...

Cool, must be a perfect gift for any wine lover