Thursday, April 2, 2015

Discovery Toys Block It Review

Mission: Teach. Play. Inspire.
Discovery Toys is a lifetime guarantee, educational toy company that encourages learning with toys, books, games & music for children of all ages & abilities.

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It’s a party. It’s a workshop. It’s a store.
You bring the friends & family, they bring the toys & you have a blast for an hour! Fun & fast! What a GREAT way to get toys for FREE! Shop from your seat & not on your feet.

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Would you like to see Discovery Toys in your hospital, school, daycare, preschool, nursery, church, clinic or other location? Organize a fundraiser.

The 2-4-6 Reading Program 2 WEEKS of READING, 4 HOURS TOTAL, 6 SPONSORS. Educational tools for classrooms without taking money from the teachers’ pockets or school budgets. Both toys and cash can be awarded depending on sales from the Reading Program.

Toyraisers A-Z It is your basic catalog fundraiser. Teachers/School Leaders fill out a wish list for each classroom. Parents can purchase items from the classroom wish lists and for themselves. The “Hostess Credits” are used to purchase more items from the wish lists.

Discovery Toys Party A live party hosted by the organization. Families & staff are invited to a party at the center. The “Hostess Credits” are used to purchase items for the organization.

Our Thoughts

Once upon a time we had many, many Discovery Toys items in our house. My oldest used to use the toys as physical therapy assistants. He has Cerebral Palsy but the Discovery Toys were awesome in helping develop his fine motor skills that weren't so good when he was a toddler. The toys we do have left over from him have been passed down to our other three children. Since things have been passed down, I really haven't given Discovery Toys a second glance just because I didn't think I had a "need" to look at the toys. 

Talking with Judy on the phone about the new catalog and the new products was an eye opener. Not only do they have the classic toys that I remember well but they have more books now! There are some toys that are always going to be classic Discovery Toy items but I'm super stoked to see how many new products they have!

One of these new products is Block It.  Block It brings back the wooden blocks that most of us that are 30 and older grew up with. The blocks are all different colors, shapes and sizes! These make a great building tools. I know Miss K really loves building up a tower then knocking it down and building it again! Even my older kids love to play with these blocks. Really, when you get Discovery Toys they are ageless. 

They do carry toys for every age; newborn to teen/adult. I highly recommend at least taking a look at the catalog and seeing if there is something special for that special child/teen/adult in your life! 

You can also find Discovery Toys on Twitter and Facebook. You can visit Judy's Discovery Toy page by clicking here