Friday, March 13, 2015

TCL Pulse - A new kind of alarm clock

Amplifyze TCL Pulse ( – a dream come true solution for those who consistently sleep through traditional alarms (teenagers, college students, heavy sleepers, those with hearing loss.) This sleek, chic Bluetooth enabled combination alarm/timer can be programmed with your iPhone once you’ve downloaded the free accompanying intuitive app from the App Store. It offers a choice of vibration (keep it under your pillow), loud sound, or both, and can be programmed for multiple users.

If you want to set your wake up call or a reminder timer from afar, while you’re thinking about it, you can, once the Pulse (a compact device that fits in the palm of the hand) is paired and programmed! The TCL Pulse offers wireless alerting using Bluetooth Smart 4.0 transmission, the latest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) solution.

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My Thoughts

This is a cool little device. TCL sent me the pink one to use. This little device sinks to your phone with blue tooth technology. In order to use it, you have to download their free app. You can then choose to have the device vibrate only to wake you, audio, or both. I'm not a new mom anymore, but this would have been great to have when I had babies. My husband could've placed this under his pillow and only woken himself up.

It's thin enough too that  you could keep it in your pocket with several alarms through out the day for things you might need to remember. You won't bother anyone else in the office with sounds.

I liked you could choose an alarm sound you wanted, the volume, and how fast you wanted the sound to be. Such as the multiple beep one, you could have slow beeps or rapid beeps.

A great product. A perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone who has trouble waking. If this is placed under your pillow, the vibration under your head is easily felt and definitely wakes you.