Friday, March 13, 2015

PlanetBox - the smart lunchbox

Did you know March 10 was National Pack Your Lunch Day?

 Planetbox isthe smart lunchbox that guides adults & kids in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily.  Part bento box, part TV dinner tray, our segmented containers are the best way to pack delicious, no waste meals for school, work, or on the go. 

Not your old fashioned metal lunch box, the segmented stainless steel containers promote portion-control and encourage choices from a variety of food groups.  Stuck in a lunch rut?  There's the newly updated "Plan-It App" that helps users plan healthy ways to fill each compartment for each day of the week.  After you've planned out your week, you can even download a shopping list to take with you to the grocery store. Their  Instagram has all sorts of ideas as well:

PlanetBox is truly lunch transportation for the green generation and helps with portion control.

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My Thoughts

Here are a few photos from the lunch box that I received to review. My design is called the Rover.

I was very excited to unpack this lunch box and my daughter was just as excited to get to use it for lunch as well. My favorite feature is the ice pack. Might sound a little funny, but I hate placing ice packs in my kids lunch where it's touching everything. I always place the spoon for their food in a corner far away from the ice pack. I fear it's going to leak and my kids will be poisoned. This ice pack has a back that it slides into and then it even has a pocket it slides into as well. The food is inside the metal tin which means no ice pack near my kids food.

Food is divided up in little trays so if your kids has an issue with their food touching other food, this will help. To round tins came with the lunch box as well. On the from of the lunch box are pockets. I found it easy to stuff non-cold things in the small tins and then place in a front pocket since there is no room inside after you fill the main compartment. 

The silver divider is removable and can be placed int he dishwasher for cleaning. This comes in handy. My kids always spill something and I have to scrub their lunch boxes out.

It also comes with it's own utensils. My daughter loved that and enjoys using them on the weekend when there is no school.

The quality of this lunch box is spot on. It's heavy duty. I was impressed with all the thought that was put into this. I would recommend this lunch box for sure.