Monday, March 30, 2015

Portable pocket speakers give off big sound.

Kinivo: ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker
Pocket-sized mini speakers produce monumental sound for rocking out while on-the-go

·         Conveniently lightweight, rechargeable mini speaker with a 360-degree sound design
·         Ultra-portable, featuring a built-in audio cable which folds to store directly into the bottom of the speaker for effortless portability
·         Enhanced bass resonator delivers high-quality sound which can be intensified with the ability to connect multiple speakers for maximum sound
·         Long-lasting internal battery can play music for up to 6 hours on virtually any gadget through a standard 3.5 mm connector
·         Available in four different color combinations including black/red, green/grey, green/blue, white/green

Available at:
Price: $19

My Thoughts

This is a tiny little speaker, but don't let it fool you. The sound coming from this speaker was crystal clear. One thing that was neat about this product was you can attach more than one speaker and get even more volume.

The sounds doesn't change much weather you have the speaker open or closed. When it's closed, it's meant to be able to go into your pocket. I used this product on my counter with my phone plugged into it. One thing that would've been nice on this was if it had a longer cord. You've only got about two inches from phone to speaker. So your phone would have to go in the same pocket or area as the speaker. I would've liked to see a longer cord to give the use more flexibility.

All in all, I really liked these speakers. I think they would make great gifts to the music lovers in your life. I think teens would enjoy this compact design in a way to share music with their friends.