Monday, March 30, 2015

Pillow Pets Inspiration line and a review on the Poucheez

Pillow Pets inspirations line is perfect for the upcoming Easter season. Pillow Pets new Inspiration line bring EXTRA love and warmth with heartfelt phrases imprinted across their bellies.

“Faith, Hope & Love…” an inspiring and comforting sentiment available as one of a series of the new Pillow Pets Inspirational line of products. The 18” Prayer Lamb folding plush and the matching Dream Lite offer this soothing message for children of all faith. A perfect addition to any nursery or bedroom, the Prayer Lamb exemplifies what the Pillow Pets brand is all about.

The Pillow Pets DreamLites project in a variety of colors including blue, amber, green or a mixture of all three colors that change every four seconds. Each animal in the line has their own unique affirmation with Prayer Puppy being "Bless This Child", Prayer Bunny with "Jesus Loves Me" and Prayer Lamb with "Faith, Love, Hope" all in the middle of the starry sky, bringing extra warmth to any bedroom.

The lights can be switched into a timer mode to automatically shut off after 20 minutes

The inspirations line is also available in blanket form and as Poucheez! At a generous size of 3 feet by 4 feet, Pillow Pets® incredibly soft chenille plush blankets will cover your little one in love and companionship. Pillow Pets Poucheez are cute and functional, Poucheez are Pillow Pets character inspired backpack clips that double as a fun way to stash keys, earbuds, spare change, lip balm and more. Clip them onto your purse or backpack with ease.

Company Name: Pillow Pets
Product: Pillow Pets Inspirations

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Description: Pillow Pets Inspirations are available in an array of colors and styles ranging from the traditional pillow pet to the DreamLite, Blankets and Poucheez. The Inspirations line is availabloe in three different animals including the Prayer Lamb, The Prayer Puppy and the Prayer Bunny each with their own unique affirmation printed onto their fluffly material.

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My Thoughts

I received a Prayer Puppy poucheez to review. The plush toy is very soft. The opening where you can stuff things such as money, ear buds, or whatever else a child would want to stuff inside is secure. It's a little hard top open and it closes fast, but it's nothing that would hurt a child. The plush material that is on the poucheez pet is also over the clasp.

This comes with a keychain, so it's easy for a child to place on their book bag, belt buckle, etc. My daughter had no problems latching it on or off anything.

The material is well made. I didn't find any off sticking. The quality was as expected. I own other pillow pet items, and this item had the same quality. My daughter loved this item and has already made it a part of her backpack where she loves to hang things.


Luke Forsyth said...

I like the idea of pillow pet. It is cute and attracting kids to sleep most of the time.
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