Thursday, February 26, 2015

DVD Review : Serangood Road

Featuring “plenty of action and atmosphere…shrewdly written scripts” (The Wall Street Journal), this detective noir is set in the exotic and tumultuous 1960s Singapore. The first original series from HBO Asia and co-produced by Australia’s ABC, the 10-episode series stars Joan Chen (Marco Polo, The Last Emperor, Twin Peaks), Don Hany (Jack Irish, East West 101), and Chin Han (The Dark Knight, Marco Polo, The Blacklist, Arrow). After the mysterious death of her husband while working a case, Patricia Cheng (Joan Chen) enlists the services of enigmatic Australian Sam Callaghan (Don Hany) to help her run her detective agency. (DVD 3-Disc Set). U.S. Premiere on Acorn TV in Dec. 2014. 

My Thoughts 

Serangoon Road is a crime drama series set in Singapore in 1964. The actors were all new to me, but they all did a fantastic job bringing their characters to life, providing both action-packed thrills and a little romance. Sam Callaghan is the primary character, an Australian who was once a child POW. His neighbor, Patricia, convinces him to help out with her detective agency, and they find themselves pulled into a world of underground gangs and politics.  This box set includes ten episodes:

One- Patricia, who is trying to run her husband's detective agency after his death, enlists Sam to help investigate the murder of a US sailor.

Two- A Chinese woman asks for help finding her husband whose been MIA since WWII. Sam also gets heavily involved with a married woman named Claire.

Three - Patricia loses some important photos during a street riot and she's desperate to get them back.

Four - Claire's husband Frank could be involved in some shady dealings which causes Sam to take a few steps back.

Five - Drugs at a local hospital have been tampered with and children's lives endangered. Sam takes on the black market to find the truth.

Six- A baby is left on the doorstep of the detective agency. It might be Sam's.

Seven - A friend of Sam's is threatened to hang for using explosives and Sam hopes to set him free.

Eight - Sam is asked by the Austrlian Embassy to look for two missing girls from his homeland. Patricia also faces some heavy news about her deceased husband,

Nine - An old friend of Sam's is arrested for murder. Sam sets out to prove his innocence, even though he lost his memory of that night.

Ten - In the exciting season finale, Sam & Patricia are hot are on the trail of her husband's killer and Sam and Claire are forced to make a decision about their affair.

This exciting new series is packed with action and mystery and it s a great show for  fans of crime drama.   If you'd like to grab a copy of this exciting DVD series for yourself, you can find Serangood Road on Acorn Media for only $49.99. It's also available to purchase online at Amazon.