Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jackpot Candles - Gorgeous Jewelry in Delicious Soy Candles

I don't know about you, but two of my very favorite things are jewelry and candles. When I go to get a gift for a female friend, I almost always get them one of these two things. Well, now I can get them both in one fun and exciting package thanks to Jackpot Candles. They make wonderful scented soy candles that come in large jars for a great low price. But they also offer one advantage that you aren't going to find with any other candle company. Every single candle contains a piece of jewelry valued anywhere between $15 and $5000! Choose between rings, necklaces or earrings!

I was lucky enough to receive a Jackpot Candle to review, and I just loved it. Picking a scent was a very difficult choice because they have so many fun varieties including Ocean Breeze, Lilac , Sweet Pea and so many more. I decided on the Caramel Coffee Latte with a necklace inside. This fun scent really brightens up the room and makes my home smell like a coffee house. Because the candle is soy based, it burns evenly without creating any black soot. I've been burning mine for several days, and still have only used up about a third of the large candle. At only $24.95 a piece, they are a great deal before you even get to the jewelry that is hidden inside the wax.

I was dying of curiosity about which necklace I was going to get, so of course I started burning the candle the second it arrived. By day two, I finally saw a little piece of foil sticking out. An hour so later, I was able to fish it out of the wax with a pair of tweezers. Don't worry that the jewelry will be covered in wax and hard to clean. It came inside a little baggy that was wrapped in foil, so it didn't get one drop of wax of it. The necklace I found is a pretty silver tone with big green stone. Each piece comes with a tag with a code on it. You can enter the code in their online appraisal to determine the value of your piece. Based on the appraisal,my necklace it worth $32, which just doubled the value of my candle! Even if I had gotten a $5 necklace I would've been happy. It's basically a freebie no matter how you look at it because the candle costs less than some of the popular name brands even without taking the jewelry into consideration.

In addition to their candles, Jackpot Candles also has some fun wax tarts with jewelry in them. To check out their full collection, visit their website or follow their social media. If you're looking for a unique gift for a special lady in your life, these would definitely make a good impression.

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