Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clearly a Great Choice: Clearly Filtered

From the website: Clean Water For The Whole Family!


Using the most advanced filtration technology available, Clearly Filtered brings you a filtered pitcher you can put in the fridge! Now you can have cold, truly filtered water at your fingertips. Just fill up, let the water filter and pour!

Never has getting clean, great tasting tap water been any easier. Filters last for up to 200 gallons, approx. 300 fill ups. Replace filter every 6 months or when flow becomes restricted. As with all of our products, the pitcher is made from 100% BPA free, non-leaching Tritan plastic.

My thoughts:

Rather than cause a lot of unnecessary waste, I’ve always preferred to drink either from the tap or a filtered pitcher. The filter is a much nicer choice, because the water usually makes me scrunch my face up in utter distaste. Clearly Filtered is the nicest water pitcher I’ve ever owned; it’s made of good material, has an easy to grip handle, a hinged lip to pour from, and a hinged spout that makes it easy to refill.

I had to get used to the new weight of it. I’ve used both Pur and Brita in the past, and both those pitchers were a lot lighter. However, I think Clearly Filtered is heavier because it’s made of much better material, and is 100% BPA free: I’ll take Clearly Filtered, please. The pitcher also fills up a lot faster after I pour water into the reservoir on top; in the past, I used to stand and wait for my Pur filter to finish filtering the water so I could pour a glass. And you know what they say, “a watched pitcher never filters”! On the contrary, Clearly Filtered does.

The filter life is much greater—200 gallons as opposed to the 26-40 offered by more common brands. And the water tastes smooth and delicious. It really is the best-tasting water I've ever had. Can’t beat that! The only thing that threw me off was the extra paddle-shaped piece of plastic included in the box. After I ascertained it was supposed to hold part of the filter to make it “easier” to unscrew the fill-nozzle from the top of the new filter, I realized it just made things more complicated; it was easy for me to remove the fill nozzle so I could insert the filter into the pitcher, without having to use the extra tool.

So, while I get my wonderful-tasting water from my Clearly Filtered pitcher, I’ll have to find another use for this funky little filter-gripper. Perhaps it’ll work as a trivet to hold a pie, or something. I guess while I’m trying to decide, I’ll have another glass of water.

Check out the official website for Clearly Filtered, where you can learn more about their great products. You can also visit them on Facebook.


Lex said...

I'll keep this brand in mind when I need to update my water filter jug

alissa apel said...

I have a water filter in my fridge, but sometimes when company comes, it's nice having an additional pitcher that can set out.

Edna Williams said...

How convenient! Gotta try this.