Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vida Homeopathy Hair Line Products

Vida Homeopathy Hair Line, made from biodegradable ingredients: 100% Vegan, No animal Testing, Balance PH, Sulfate e Parabens e P. Glycol FREE.

Vida Shampoo

Stimulates Hair Grow, relieves dandruff and scalp irritation. The qualities of the plants Arnica, Betula, Rosmarinus are part of this special gentile shampoo, recommended for all types of Hair.

Vida Hair Lotion

Improves circulation and avoid overgrowth of fungus and bacteria. A Homeopathy composition with Arnica and Rosmarinus. We recommend applying daily in the scalp.

Vida Hair Oil,

Improves hair and scalp nutrition, so your hair will grow thicker and stronger. These are a special combination of the best oils for your Hair, Organic (Almond, Castor, Olive) and Essential oils (Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender) and Arnica TM. The oil should be apply in the scalp to the hair ends, leave for 40 minutes or more before washed. We recommend Applying 1x a week.

Vida Hair Oral Spray

Homeopathy works from inside out assisting your immune system, and relieves the stress. A combination of the best remedies for hair loss, Arnica, Selenium, Silicea and Kali Phos.

All products are fabricated in the United States and come with great quality and good price.

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My Thoughts

I don't have a problem with hair loss, but all my life I've struggled to add some body to my limp, fine hair. I've looked on with envy at women with long, thick tresses, wishing I had half their luster. Using the Vida Shampoo has been a godsend  for me. Even after just a week, I noticed a big difference in my hair. It seemed healthier, with less split ends, and it almost glowed with a radiance it has always lacked. It even appeared thicker. It was a noticeable difference that people have been commenting on every day. 

There were three products I received to try out. The first and my favorite is the shampoo. It lathers nicely and left my hair feeling soft and clean, though I did need to use my regular conditioner to be able to get the knots out. It has a light, refreshing fragrance. I could definitely pick up the scent of rosemary essential oil. I used this in combination with the Vida Lotion. The Lotion does leave my hair looking a little greasy, so I use it at night and rinse in the morning when I shampoo, as the instructions suggest. The combination of this powerful duo has given me a wonderful shine and healthy looking hair that was beyond my wildest dreams. Best of all, it was done using all natural and homeopathic ingredients. 

I also received a bottle of the Vida Hair Oil. This I passed onto a friend who suffers from eczema on her scalp. It's been so bad, she sometimes had to wear a hat to hide the condition. She used the Vida Hair Oil and had immediate results. The itching stopped on contact and within a few days, the breakout had cleared up. She said this oil worked better than any of the prescriptions she's tried. 

Overall, I am really happy with the results of the Vida Homeopathy Hair Line. Of course, if you are suffering form hair loss or any skin condition, you should consult a doctor before trying new products. Personally, I had great results and I know I'll be recommending this haircare trio to all my friends.