Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hardbodies Retro VHS Look Blu-ray

If you don't know what they are, you don't know what you're missing.
astounding...a gaggle of gaga-making girlies...!” – Mr. Skin
When three middle-aged geezers move into a swinging beach house, they hire a young stud to teach them how to score with the local beauties.'80s band Vixen and hundreds of Southern California's hottest swimsuit models co-star in the legendary cult comedy.
My Thoughts
Hardbodies is a fun comedy set on the sunny shores of California. It centers around a bunch of middle-aged men who hope to get the younger beach beauties to notice them.  They make a fool of themselves in ways that will have you laughing out loud as they try to get a date with these beautiful women.
Hardbodies is a fun comedy that a seashore girl like myself can really relate to. You'll laugh out loud as you hang out on the beach with the gang. This is yet another awesome film in the new VHS style blu-ray collection from Mill Creek. You can grab a copy for yourself on their website for only $14.98 which is a great deal for any blu-ray.