Friday, August 17, 2018

Kawaii Box Unboxing Review + Giveaway!

Our passion at Kawaii Box is to spread kawaii culture and the love for cute things all over the world! We are totally in love with everything kawaii, and believe that even a tiny dose of cuteness can provide a huge boost of positivity to our life. To bring that happiness to you, we carefully handpick the cutest kawaii things, and curate them into an exciting monthly box you’ll surely love! Kawaii-fy your life with exclusive items like kawaii squishies, kawaii stationery and super cute plushies. Directly from Tokyo to your door!

We carefully handpick kawaii things you'll surely love!

The shipping is absolutely FREE to every country worldwide!

These kawaii things are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

My Thoughts:

I'll admit that I have a weakness for all things cute and Kawaii! Nothing makes my day like an adorable plushie or a fun character item. Something about it allows me to reminisce to my childhood days and enjoy the positive energy of simpler times. Whether you're an adult, a teenager, or child, Kawaii Box is fun for all ages. Everyone can use a dose of Kawaii goodness in their life!

I was surprised how quickly my first Kawaii Box arrived upon shipping. After discovering the brand it was so exciting to see the fun pink box at my doorstep! Squeals of joy could be heard as I went through my items. I will attach a picture of each goodie from this month's box and a description.

Namakemono No Mikke Plushie-
Naturally, my eyes went right to this adorable Sloth plush! I'm a huge fan of sloths and this little baby was a perfect addition to my plushie collection. Plus, pink is one of my favorite colors. The Namakemono No Mikkie plush is soft, cuddly, detailed, and oh so Kawaii!

Kawaii Octopus Ink Pen-
This fun Octopus pen will keep you company and prepare you for anything during your daily activities. Who needs a basic pen when you can have one with a smiley, squishy buddy instead? This fine point pen is lightweight and perfect for Kawaii lovers everywhere!

Magical Unicorn Pencil Pouch- 
I'll admit, I lose my pens and pencils like no tomorrow, especially during the school and work year. This pencil pouch is perfect to store your Kawaii Octopus Ink Pen from your Kawaii Box, as well as other essentials. Plus, who doesn't love Unicorns? Looking at this pouch transports me to a peaceful relaxing wonderland of magic!

Koinobori Plush Charm-
Fun fact! Koinobori means "carp streamer" in Japanese. You can see these types of windsocks flown throughout Japan. They are viewed as a celebration of Children's Day. This holiday was created in the hopes that children will live happy and healthy lives. This is the perfect little good luck charm to hang off of your pencil pouch, purse, book bag, or any other fun places.

Never Stop Dreaming Notebook-
As a writer, I love having lined notebooks of this size around. They fit perfectly in my purse or handbag. Whenever I need to write down an appointment, deadline, inspiration, note, or list, it's easy to grab and use at a moment's notice. Plus, I can avoid lugging around heavier ones that are bulky and take up a ton of room. These are simple to store and carry. I love the Unicorn design and phrase "Never Stop Dreaming". The pages on the side have a matching design as well. It's a great addition with the Unicorn pouch and Octopus pen!

Rainbow Pon-de-Ring Squishy-
Another fun fact to share! Pon-de-Rings are a speciality item at the Japanese chain, Mister Donut. They are made by attaching dough balls together in a circle. This squishy is a fun way to feel like you're experiencing Mister Donut yourself. I enjoy sensory items such as these because they're soft and bounce back into place when you press down. The colors of this item are exquisite as well.

Fruity Eraser-
This eraser treat was so sweet! Mine was in the shape of a Dragonfruit and I was thrilled! It reminded me of a couple summers ago when I tried a Dragonfruit for the very first time. My coworker had brought it into work and split a piece with me and our students. It's certainly one of the coolest looking fruits. Unique just like we are as human beings!

Sumikko Gurashi Stickers-
It is said that Sumikko Gurashi are shy and represent the nature of others who may be shy as well. This sticker set is colorful, whimsical, and represents the very essence of Kawaii! I was impressed with how many were included. It's perfect for decorating. I'm going to put mine on greeting cards and thank you notes.

Yori Cook Mini Whiteboard-
Last but certainly not least we have the great, Yori Cook Mini Whiteboard. This is a wonderful addition to this months box which supplied items for organization, time management, and back to school essentials. On one side of the whiteboard is a larger area for drawing and writing. The other has days of the week for all your planning needs. Included is an erasable marker.

Above is the brochure included in the box. It goes over each item included which I find to be extremely handy in learning about the history and uses of each. There's also information about how you can win a free Kawaii Box and invite your friends!

The Giveaway:

Kawaii Box was kind enough to provide a giveaway for our lovely readers! I want to give a special thank you to them allowing me to review and share these fantastic items with my readers here at, New Age Mama! I know our lucky winner will love their box as much as I loved mine!

New age Mama Kawaii Box Giveaway

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Darlene said...

My favorite item is the whiteboard.

Velvetwhip said...

I am torn between that adorable carp and the unicorn pouch. They're both awesome!

lildevilgirl22 said...

I like the cute notepad

Christina said...

I love the plush and octopus pen.

Elizabeth Tarlow said...

I love the Namakemono No Mikke Plushie, as well as the Rainbow Pon-de-Ring Squishy!

VickieC said...

Magical Unicorn Pencil Pouch-

Maryann D. said...

I love any of the Pusheen cute products.
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Elizabeth Miller said...

I am in love with the Namakemono No Mikke Plushie. My daughther votes for the mini whiteboard.

Jennifer T. said...

I love the Unicorn Pencil Pouch.

Courtney B said...

I like the plushie !

thanks ! xoxo

Edye Nicole said...

I like the white board!


courtney erickson said...

I love that little whiteboard! My daughter would get so much use out of that.