Sunday, August 12, 2018

Degustabox - Surprising Tastes for August

I have been recently introduced to an exciting monthly sample box. Degustabox is a surprise box filled with snacks and treats sure to get your mouth watering. 

Each month the Degustabox comes filled with different samples for tasting. Upon opening my August Box, I am thrilled to see these are full size samples! They range from snack size and single servings to full box contents. This is one of the best monthly boxes I have ever tried. The contents and the value are well worth it. 

The Degustabox product of the month for August is The Good Crisp Company. The Original flavored potato crisps have a delicate potato flavor with a very nice crunch. I like the no artificial flavors or colors plus they are gluten free. 

Wise Snacks Bravos Stadium Nacho tortilla chips. I grew up back east with Wise brand. These chips are a cheesy nacho flavor without the mess of dripping cheese. Very tasty! 

Popcorn Indiana Original Movie Theater Popcorn – who can resist movie popcorn? The flavor of real butter just like the movies on a crunch generous size popcorn melt in your mouth. 

Post Shredded Wheat Chocolate Strawberry – wow, just wow! Any chocolate lover knows how well chocolate and strawberry go together. Post Cereal created this flavor combination in a Shredded Wheat. I like snacking on these dry, without milk! They are crunchy, chocolaty with the strawberry frosting. Delicious! 

PR Bar – a chocolate peanut endurance bar filled with 15G of protein. A blend of carbs and vitamins for an any time energy boost. The peanut flavor is enhanced with the chocolate. 

Sahale Snacks Maple Pecans Glazed Mix – Sahale Snacks is one of my family’s favorites. I enjoyed the pecan pie flavor of the nuts. 

Columbina Breakfast Biscuits, Amazon Sweet Chili Sauce – there may be one or the other in the box you receive. I received both. The Breakfast Biscuits in a mixed berries flavor are ideal for grab and go in the mornings. They contain vitamins and probiotics. The Sweet Chili Sauce looks interesting. The bottle says it is mild. I can’t wait to try this in a stir fry. 

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews –These are lemon flavored ginger chews. I can smell the ginger and the refreshing lemon aroma. These are not for me though, I am not fond of ginger. That is the beauty of discovering new items in a monthy Degusta Box, find what you like! 

Country Archer Jerky Co. Pork Bar – A sweet bbq pork bar made with uncured bacon! 15G of protein makes this bar good for high protein eating. The flavor reminds me of a local bbq place. Good stuff! 

Beverages too! 

Ready Nutrition All Natural Protein Water contains 15G of protein in a refreshing pink grapefruit flavor. 70 calories with 0g sugar and it is caffeine free plus has electrolytes. 

High Brew Coffee – those needing caffeine should taste the Double Espresso flavor. Twice the caffeine! This drink packs a punch with less sugar. 

Degustabox makes it enjoyable to sample each month. The price of $19.99 is well worth the sample you receive inside. They would cost much more individually. The convenience of having them delivered right to my door, lets me feel like a treasure hunt each month. As a self-proclaimed foodie, the anticipation of exploring new tastes each month is all part of the fun! 

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