Thursday, June 21, 2018

Splash and Bubbles: One Big Ocean DVD

PBS Distribution announced the release of the first DVD of the popular PBS KIDS series SPLASH AND BUBBLES, “SPLASH AND BUBBLES: ONE BIG OCEAN. The new DVD features the four-part story One Big Ocean, where Splash, Bubbles, and friends embark on a Reeftown Rangers exploration adventure. On the adventure, the group meets different characters, like Scoot, a sea turtle who is riding the currents, and they discover exciting places along the way. Other stories on the DVD include: “Kelp Forest Keepers,” “The Greatest Treasure of All,” and the bonus music video “Reeftown Rangers.”

SPLASH AND BUBBLES: ONE BIG OCEAN” ($6.99) will be available on DVD beginning June 12, 2018, and has a run time of approximately 80 minutes. Episodes of SPLASH AND BUBBLES are also available for digital download.

In “SPLASH AND BUBBLES: ONE BIG OCEAN” kids dive in and follow the adventures of Splash, a yellowback fusilier fish who has migrated all over the ocean before settling down in Reeftown! There he befriends Bubbles, a Mandarin dragonet whose vivid coloring matches her personality. Together, Splash, Bubbles and their friends meet wildly diverse marine animals and discover otherworldly undersea habitats. Children will explore the big ocean with Splash and Bubble in the six fun filled stories listed below.

My Thoughts

One Big Ocean is an adorable new series that brings kids on a magical adventure under the sea.The show centers around four friends named Splash, Bubbles, Ripple, and Dunk. They explore the reef together and make a lot of new friends along the way. This DVD set includes six exciting stories:
One Big Ocean: Part 1 – Reeftown Rangers
One Big Ocean: Part 2 – Riding the Currents
One Big Ocean: Part 3 – The Fixer-Upper
One Big Ocean: Part 4 – No Place Like Home!
Kelp Forest Keepers
The Greatest Treasure of All

This is a great series. The characters are fun, and the ocean scenery is colorful. In addition to getting a fun and entertaining story on every episode, kids will also learn about life on the reef, and learn some valuable lessons about friendship. We just love this show and are excited to see what they come up with next.


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