Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Orbit b-hyve Smart Wifi Indoor Sprinkler Timer – Review

A few months ago, we invested in upgrading our automatic sprinkler system. Since all the sprinkler heads and piping was redone, we really needed a new control panel. I am thrilled to have the Orbit b-hyve Smart Wifi Indoor Sprinkler Timer controlling our watering system. 

The old controller was set not the easiest to use. It was a series of dials which were hard to figure out. The sprinkler stations wiring was the same as this new b-hyve unit which made it a breeze to install. The installation instructions are simple to understand, and the unit is pretty cool looking. This unit works on Wifi with a smart phone application. Once we had the unit wired to the sprinkler stations, we could connect it to the Wifi using the Orbit b-hyve application available for apple and android platforms. 

The application set up is easy to understand. It recognized our network quickly and was attached to the Wifi in no time at all. Once it was all communicating with the app, the customizing of the sprinklers can begin. 

The app offers smart watering which takes in account the weather based on the location. It asks for your location to provide the most recent data. We have a 3 station sprinkler system which is no problem for this 4 station unit. A few clicks on the app and each of the front lawn zones are set to our watering specifications. It is not a huge lawn, so just 10 minutes in each zone a few times a week is sufficient. In the app, you can set up several watering programs to automatically run at specific times. It keeps track on an easy to read calendar. 

My husband likes to manually control the watering when needed instead of using a program. This is no problem with the b-hyve app. It works as a remote control! Each zone can be adjusted for the length of time required plus it can be paused or stopped during the watering process. I like the progress screen letting me know how long it still has for watering. It can be controlled from anywhere by using the app. 

The app provides good information. It has a clean readable interface, although I found it could be a little simpler in the instructions for programming and for manual operation. Once we worked with the app and the unit for a few times, it comes easy. 

The sprinklers can also be turned on manually at the controller if the Wifi app is not available. A plus since we installed the app on my phone. If I am not home, and not available to control it remotely, my husband can still activate the sprinklers. 

Overall, we are thrilled with the quality and ease of using the Orbit b-hyve Sprinkler timer. It is a modern way to control our sprinklers! 

Look for Orbit b-hyve products at Home Depot or order online. Check your area for possible water dept rebates!