Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dryel Gives You the Freedom to Wear What You Want, When You Want

I'm a single mom with four kids trying to juggle work, college classes, and all my children's activities. Recently, I also started dating again! I'm excited to be taking this journey, but with so much going on, who has time for dry cleaning? This last week, I had a ton of different school events to attend, and I wore my favorite dress to a dinner banquet where my daughter received an award. A few days later, I was invited on a dinner date. I wanted to wear the same dress.  I was horrified when I realized my dry-clean only dress was still in the bottom of my hamper. There was no time to run to the dry cleaner, and even if I could get there, the dry cleaner doesn't offer drive through service. There was nothing else in my closet that fit quite as nicely, and first impressions count! Luckily, Dryel came to my rescue!

With my dress in hand, I ran to the dryer and pulled out my Dryel cleaning kit.  All I had to do was toss the dress into the bag, and add the fabric sheet. Then I tossed the bag into the dryer. The heat from the dryer activates the cleaning solution, and removes stains and oils. In only half an hour, I had my favorite dress and was all ready to go.

Dryel is an amazing product that gives you the freedom to wear your favorite clothing whenever you want.  You'll never have to worry about running to the dry cleaners, because you can just toss it in your own dryer any time! With that kind of freedom, even an overworked single mom can manage to bring a little romance back into her life. Thanks to Dryel giving me the freedom to wear what I wanted, I am heading out to date #5 this evening, and once again, I get to wear exactly what I want without stopping at the dry cleaner!

If you want to try Dryel, it is available in stores nationwide. They offer starter packs that include the bags, and refills boxes with cleaning clothes and stain remover only. Try it today, and make dry-cleaning easy-peasy.

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