Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Floating Comfort Pillow Review – Moms need rest!

Who doesn’t need some good rest these days? Moms are always on the go and when it comes to sleeping, rest is often short and hard to come by. Especially with new moms. This Mother’s Day make the mom in your life relax and comfortable with The Floating Comfort Pillow

What makes this pillow so unique is the enclosed fillable water pouch. It reminds me of a waterbed type of pouch. The firmness can be adjusted by the amount of water added. Opening the pillow, I found it extremely comfortable even before adding the water. The fiberfill inside is very soft and supportive at the same time. Filling the water is a simple process. On the bottom of the pillow is a locking valve that is opened for filling. The amount of water added determines the firmness level. As a test, I started with the medium firmness which calls for 3 quarts of added water. The pillow comes with a funnel, that also works as the wrench for opening and closing the water valve. Using the funnel made filling the water easy. We did have a small spill while filling, which did make the outer covering wet. A little slower pour solved the spill issue. Once the water is inside, the air is pressed out before locking the water valve. 

Having the water inside does add some weight to the pillow. It is much heavier than a normal fiber only pillow. The water is The Floating Comfort Pillow’s secret for a comfortable night.
Honestly, I did not feel any difference in using this pillow over my regular type, since I prefer a softer pillow. I liked this pillow before adding the water! It is very comfortable. My husband prefers a firmer pillow, so we added the full amount recommended for firm. He felt the difference right away! Most other pillows lose their firmness or are not as firm as he would like. The water inside allowed the firmness to stay! After a few nights of using this pillow, he will not go back to another type!
The water can be kept inside for up to a year depending on the type of water used. See the directions for more information. I am concerned about the valve leaking, but it appears to be a very good strong seal, especially when using the funnel wrench for closure. 


There have been studies on the comfort level of The Floating Comfort Pillow with results being very positive. It appears the water support system is highly recommended for the best rest! I see a difference in my husband’s restful night. He does not toss and turn very much. 

The Floating Comfort Pillow can be ordered online directly or found at Amazon. 

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