Monday, May 14, 2018

Mary Higgins Clark Collection

MARY HIGGINS CLARK 14 Film Collection

Based on the Bestselling Mystery Novels

MARY HIGGINS CLARK is one of the most critically acclaimed mystery writers of our time. 'The Queen of Suspense' has sold over 100 million copies of her novels in the U.S. alone. Known for her intriguing, clever and suspenseful writing style, now you can enjoy a robust collection of film adaptations from her best-selling novels and original mysteries. 

My Thoughts

Mary Higgins Clark is one of my favorite authors.  I have read most of her books, and I'm always exited to catch an adaption. This amazing DVD set brings us fourteen of her most popular stories. Each one features a bone chilling mystery where anyone can be the villain, and you're sure to be on the edge of your seat the time.  The shows include:

Where Are the Children (1986 – Jill Clayburgh, Max Gail)
The Cradle Will Fall (2004 – Angie Everhart, John Ralston)
Lucky Day (2002 – Amanda Donohoe, Karen LeBlanc)
Loves Music, Loves to Dance (2001 – Patsy Kensit, Dean McDermott)
All Around the Town (2002 – Nastassja Kinski, Andrea Roth)
Pretend You Don't See Her (2002) - PG-13 – Emma Samms
You Belong to Me (2002) - PG-13 – Lesley-Anne Down
We'll Meet Again (2002) - PG-13 – Laura Leighton
I'll Be Seeing You (2004) - PG-13 – Alison Eastwood
Before I Say Goodbye (2003) - PG-13 – Sean Young
Haven’t We Met Before (2002) – Not Rated – Nicollette Sheridan
Try to Remember (2004) - PG-13 – Gabrielle Anwar
A Crime of Passion (2003) - PG-13 – Cynthia Gibb
He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2002) – PG – Erika Eleniak

I love off of these films. Each one stays pretty true to the novel, and is packed with action. If you a fan of the writer or you just love a good mystery, this DVD set will be a great addition to your library.


tat2gurlzrock said...

This sounds like a great box dvd set. Perfect for weekend binging!