Friday, May 4, 2018

Book Review: Finally, A Parade for You by, Molly Burton.

Finally, A Parade for You is a collection of mini-biographies of  United States war veterans who served their country during the Vietnam War. These brave people sacrificed their peaceful lives and joined one of the many life-changing cultural upheavals of the mid-20th century. They were not famous, nor from privileged backgrounds. Today, most of them still battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and far too many are ill with such diseases as diabetes, cancer, and other related disorders. They now find peace, and though they struggle with it, grace.

At the end of the biographical section are two chapters on PTSD and Toxic Exposure (ie. Agent Orange). A small history, symptoms, individual experiences, and ways to get help either through the Veterans Administration (VA), or through private medical personnel/complimentary health care will be offered. The author’s own tips for the VA personnel to be more helpful to veterans of all battles and foreign /domestic deployments are included.

The stories contained in this book were an act of faith on the part of the veterans who shared their stories. Difficult to face because of the horrors endured and ongoing, the telling and re-telling of their tale during this writing has actually brought some measure of healing, as repetition of an experience makes it just that: a story of long ago. Please honor them before it’s too late, as they are dying every day. Let their stories be inspiring and healing. This ‘Parade’ is for all of us.

My Thoughts:

My younger brother is a true history buff. He has collected a number of historical books about war and our Nation's Finest, the veterans! Whether it is spreading information to others, meeting local veterans in our community, or expanding his knowledge, I knew this book was ideal for him and his love our our soldiers.

Author Molly Burton captured the life and tales of these beautiful people in each page. As a psychology major in college, I adored the discussions of PTSD within the book. It is important we talk about this topic more because still to this day, our veterans are suffering the affects of it. Spreading psychological knowledge is something I hope all historical based books will begin to do more of as well. The legacies told within this beautiful biographical book will capture the readers heart and give us all a heroic view of strength.

Although this book is perfect for history lovers, I would recommend it to everyone. Keeping the wisdom of our past moving forward with each generation is so important. Honoring these veterans who never got to receive the recognition for their bravery and sacrifices is a beautiful thing. I hope you will pick up a copy today!

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