Monday, April 2, 2018

"NATURE: ANIMALS WITH CAMERAS" Available on DVD and Digital HD April 24

PBS Distribution announced it is releasing NATURE: ANIMALS WITH CAMERAS, on DVD and Digital HD. Go where no human cameraman can go to witness a new perspective of the animal kingdom. This program journeys into animals’ worlds using custom, state-of-the-art cameras worn by the animals themselves. Capturing never-before-seen behavior, these animal cinematographers help expand human understanding of their habitats and solve mysteries that have eluded scientists until now.
NATURE: ANIMALS WITH CAMERAS” will be available on DVD April 24, 2018. The run time of the program is approximately 180 minutes on 1 disc and the SRP is $24.99. The program will be also available for digital download.  
Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan (Nature: Snowbound: Animals of Winter) and a team of pioneering animal behaviorists join forces to explore stories of animal lives “told” by the animals themselves. The cameras are custom-built by camera design expert Chris Watts to fit on the animals unobtrusively and to be easily removed at a later point. From this unique vantage point, experience the secret lives of nine different animal species. Sprint across the savanna with a cheetah, plunge into the ocean with a seal and swing through the trees with a chimpanzee.
The one-of-a-kind sequences captured by the animals include several on-camera firsts. The cameras allowed for newborn meerkats to be shown in their burrow for the first time ever, as meerkat pups don’t emerge from the burrow until they reach three weeks of age. In the Atlantic Ocean, an unborn devil ray is shown kicking inside its mother’s stomach — a phenomenon never before captured on film. 
The program visits eight countries and features three different species per episode.
ANIMALS WITH CAMERAS is a BBC Studios Production for PBS and BBC with THIRTEEN Productions LLC. For Nature, Fred Kaufman is executive producer, and Bill Murphy is series producer. For BBC, Tim Martin is executive producer and Dan Rees is series producer.

My Thoughts

This is such a great show.  The Animals with Cameras series gives you an upfront and personal look into the world of animals. I've enjoyed the whole series, and this one is no different. This time, we follow three different animal families including meerkats, baboons, and gray wolves.   Each story follows a family as they survive the wild terrains of their habitat. There's so much action in this show, it's not much different than watching a movie. Expect, this is real life, which makes it so much more fascinating. 

I really enjoy watching these series. I love watching the animals interact and seeing the beautiful landscapes of far-off lands I know I'll never be able to visit. The narration gives you just enough plot without interfering with the nature effect.  My whole family enjoyed watching this show together, and my children range in age from 6-17.  With Animals with Cameras, you can make family movie night both fun and educational.