Thursday, March 29, 2018

Review: Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray by EQyss

Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray. Protect your shoes, carpet, furniture, etc. and your pet’s teeth, gums and digestive tract from the harmful effects of chewing! Chew Proof It! is an effective anti-chew spray that is guaranteed to stop your pet from chewing. Chew Proof It! is safe to spray on shoes, furniture, carpet, fences, baseboards, rugs, blankets, bandages or any other surface your pet desires to chew.
  • Guaranteed to stop pets from chewing or all surfaces
  • Will not harm household plants or vegetation
  • Non-staining and is safe for all sufaces
  • Long-lasting

EQyss Grooming Products was founded in 1991 by compassionate pet owners who wanted a better quality grooming product for their family pets. 
EQyss Grooming Products manufactures cutting edge equine grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Our brands include Micro-Tek®, Premier, Mega-Tek® and Avocado Mist® to name a few. We manufacture all of our products in our own facility located in Vista, California using only U.S. sourced raw materials. Our commitment to Clean Technology includes using solar energy, purified water, and FDA manufacturing standards to ensure the highest quality for all of our products. EQyss Scientifically Superior.

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Our Thoughts
My 2 yr old rottweiler, Bella, eats everything. Her favorites are dirty tissues, wood, hard plastic, post-it notes on my desk, my son's socks, shoes, and shoe inserts.  As Professor Moody says, "Constant vigilance!" with this dog! As she has grown, she's gotten a lot better about not actually ingesting things and will mostly steal/hoard items with a guilty look rather than destroy or eat them. Except tissues. Yuck.

In our household we have some fairly severe food sensitivities so I have to be careful of sprays, too, as my son generally has his hands in his mouth. When given the chance to review Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray I checked the ingredients - it's simply purified water, pepper extract, and a bittering agent. 

The very first thing I did was tear off the foil seal and offer it to Bella to sniff.  She licked it, then tried to eat the foil.  Silly dog.  So I didn't have my hopes up. Later that afternoon Bella went after the shoes by the front door, so I sprayed the entire lot.  And then I sneezed.  A lot.  LOL.  It is recommended to use the spray in a well ventilated area, so just be aware that if you're spraying in a non-well ventilated area, your nose & sinuses may be affected.  But hey, if it stops her from destroying our shoes . . .

Since then, she has left the shoes ALONE. I have sprayed them a couple more times just to be on the safe side and she has not gone back after them at all.  THANK YOU EQYSS!!

Next up were things she finds completely, absolutely irresistable: the dirty tissues and my husband's fuzzy inserts for his slippers.

This face!  She looks kind of sad, as in, "Why did you do that to my favorite things, Mom?" In our upstairs bathroom, there is no space to put the wastebasket inside of a cabinet, so it's out in the open.  She knows she's not to go upstairs unless accompanied by an adult (LOL) so it's not like she's sneaking off upstairs by herself to eat tissues. I usually keep the bathroom door closed to keep her away from them when I'm upstairs.

Next up, I sprayed my husband's fuzzy slipper inserts. She LOVES these things.  I think she would actually eat them if given half a chance.  She did eat part of one of my mother's felted alpaca shoe inserts as a very naughty puppy. 

More sneezing from me - I mean, after all, it IS pepper . . . Bella slunk downstairs and curled up on the couch.  Then I get this look:

She is CLEARLY displeased with this turn of events.  Ha ha.

I have been using Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray for the last few weeks testing to see how long it lasts before she goes for the same items again, or if it will drive her to seek out new items.

Although she's left the shoes completely alone since the first spraying, she still repeatedly goes after certain plastic toys, and of course her favorites of dirty tissues and the slipper inserts.  In my experience, Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray lasts about 48 hours before another spritzing is required. EQyss recommends keeping up with the spraying until the pet's fixation has passed.  Thankfully, she has not sought out new items to chew. 

All in all, I do recommend Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray as a chew deterrent.  You do need to use it as a training aid - you cannot just spray something once and expect your pet to leave it alone forever and ever. Thumbs up from me!