Friday, March 30, 2018

PUPPY DOG PALS on Disney DVD April 10th

They're cute, cuddly and all collared up for pup-tacular adventures!  While their owner Bob is away, adorable puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly embark on exciting missions stretching from their own backyard to amazing locations all around the world!  With support from their "big sister" Hissy, a neighborhood full of animal friends and Bob's high-tech inventions, these hilarious heroes are always ready to unleash totally paw-some fun!

My Thoughts

Puppy Dog Pals is one of my kids' favorite Disney shows. In this series, the adorable puppy brothers, Bingo and Rolly, set out on exciting adventures. Their cat sister Hissy tags along sometimes as well. Each time they set out, it is to help their owner Bob solve some type of problem. Their adventures take them all over the world, and they meet many interesting characters along the way. This is their first DVD release, and the set includes six two-part episodes. The titles include:

The Hawaii Pug-Oh/ A.R.F.
The French Toast Connection/Take Me Out to the Pug Game
A Pyramid Scheme/Special Delivery
The Go-Long Retriever/Pot O' Pugs
Design-A-Dog/Ice, Ice Puppy
Hissy's Big Day/Go, Dog, Go!

This is such a cute series. You can't help but love a show that centers around such adorable animals. But what makes it ever better is that kids can learn something new in each episode. When they visit different countries, they are learning about the world. Plus, the two brothers working together also teaches them the importance of teamwork. This a great DVD to have in your Disney collection.