Friday, February 16, 2018

Hollywood Profiles, The Shirley Temple Collection

Over 6 Hours of Movies, Shorts, Documentaries and Commercials!
The adorable and talented Shirley Temple delighted audiences with her song and dance in this collection of classics! From delightful family feature films to hilarious comedy shorts, this amazing collection showcases America's sweetheart in some of her most engaging performances. 
This unique Hollywood Profiles collection features highlights from Shirley’s incredible career! Including 2 heartwarming features, 10 adorable short films, 2 insightful documentaries and a rare television commercial, this is the ultimate tribute to America’s Little Princess!

My Thoughts

When I was a little girl, I loved watching Shirley Temple movies. She was so cute dancing and singing with a head full of curls. This DVD includes my favorite movie. The Little Princess is a tale about a little girl whose father is missing during WW1. The boarding school where she was staying turns her into a servant, and barely feeds her. But with the help of a few friends and Queen Victoria, she finds her father in the hospital.
In addition the feature film, this DVD also includes ten short films, and documentaries. The documentaries are great because they give you a real personal look Shirley's life and behind the scenes moments. Another fun aspect of this DVD set is that it includes the commercials that originally aired with the show. While today I tend to fast-forward through commercials,  seeing these commercials was a lot of fun and a real throwback. 
If you're looking for a blast from the past, this DVD is the perfect choice. I watched it with my daughter, and it was great introducing her to one of my old favorites. Any fan of Shirley Temple is going to want this set in their collection. Grab your copy at Mill Creek Entertainment.