Monday, February 12, 2018

February Isn't the Only Time for Love and Relaxation! Music Review + Giveaway.

February is the month of love! We rush around for the perfect placement settings, gifts, candy, and flowers. Once Valentine's Day finally arrives, we are able to kick back and relax with our loved ones. Wouldn't it be great to harness that calming feeling and take it with you all year long? Well, there is a way we can do that! Through music! Music has been known to set the mood in any room, but also within us! It is a great tool for meditation, soothing your emotions, and assisting with better sleep. Out of all the genres in the world, nothing brings the positive energy like, New Age Music. This review and giveaway features new selections from today's top ambient/New Age musicians who are ready to share their passion for music with you!

My Thoughts:

Music has been my lifelong love. Whether I'm studying, working, meditating, or playing something to relax my art students and bring fourth creative expression, I always find myself leaning towards the genre of New Age. For a deep connection with the mind, body, and spirit, there is nothing better. Here are some of the newest must have albums for any New Age collector, as well as anyone who wants to bring more calming energy into their life:

Anaya: AONKI: Gateway of Love. Award winning Brazilian artist Anaya's new ablum, AONKI, was recorded from Brazil with a virtual symphony orchestra in the heart of Prague! Inspired by eternal love for her husband, her soaring compositions stir the soul with passionate melodies of timeless inspiration to awaken our heart's song.

Neil Tatar: After the Rain. Neil's heartfelt and sensitive piano and guitar work will touch you in the deepest parts of your soul, and help you realize just how grand life can be at every age! Alternatively, melodic and rhythmic, the album offers a mix of profoundly introspective piano pieces and playful spirited guitar-driven works. 

Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais: They Were Here. They Were Here is a powerful collaboration between drummer, Byron Metcalf, and shamanic vocalist, Jennifer Grais. Inspired by their love for the majesty and magic of America's wild horses, the music is highly evocative and emotional - a mystical infusion of beauty and tenderness - of power and potency. Album Sampler Here!

Fiona Joy: Signature - Synchronicity. Self love is, perhaps, the most difficult love of all to attain, which Fiona Joy explores in her critically - acclaimed album, Signature - Synchronicity. This is a gorgeous collection of instrumental piano tracks laced with ethereal layered vocals. The interaction between the piano and the soft vocalization is incredibly deft, and Joy brings her signature power, sensitivity and grace to each track. Heartbroken? You'll feel as if these cathartic songs were written especially for you.

Michael Whalen: Kiss the Quiet. The latest work of Michael Whalen has finally arrived. Kiss the Quiet, will guide you through a fantastic view of life and love, a musical journey that will have you feeling rejuvenated. As you listen to the powerful piano and ambiences created by Whalen in songs such as Full Moon Dance and My Obsequious Tear, you will be transported to the depths of your inner being. Take the time to meditate anytime, anywhere with this profound album.

All five titles bring fourth a unique and beautiful meditative, and listening experience. There is something for everyone in this bundle. Whether you love powerful vocals like the ones you will hear on They Were Here, and Signature - Synchronicity, or the deep bass and rhyme of an orchestra, guitars, and piano like within the albums Kiss the Quiet, After the Rain, and AONKI: Gateway of Love, you will adore being transported to a place of light. Keep the vibrations of love and relaxation going not just on Valentine's Day, but all year long! Let us connect with love all day, every day!

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The B Company was kind enough to offer a beautiful giveaway for our readers! The winner will receive each of the five titles in a lovely CD bundle! Thank you so much to, The B Company, for this opportunity! I know everyone will love them as much as I do!