Saturday, August 12, 2017

MOUTON Arrives on DVD/Digital HD from IndiePix Films

The randomness of daily life is explored to mesmerizing effect in Gilles Deroo and Marianne Pistone's highly original debut feature, MOUTON, which captured the "Best First Film" and "Jury Award" at the Switzerland's prestigious Locarno Film Festival.  The film that Variety says "resonates with a finely observed reality" arrives on DVD, exclusively from IndiePix Films this August.
Mouton ("Sheep") is the nickname of Aurelien (David Mérabet), who at 17 is granted independence from his alcoholic mother and runs off to live on his own in the seaside town of Courseulles-sur-Mer.  Hired as a chef's assistant, Sheep fits in well with the rest of the community as he and his co-workers diligently go about their chores; he even begins dating the new waitress (Audrey Clement).
MOUTON, however, takes an unexpected and dramatic turn when, during a rowdy late-night celebration for the Feast of St. Anne, a man inexplicably cuts Mouton's arm off with a chainsaw; he survives, but moves away to another town.  MOUTON then shifts to follow some of Mouton's friends remaining in Courseulles-sur-Mer, such as twins (Emmanuel and Sebastien Legrand), kennel worker Mimi (Michael Mormentyn), and his wife, Louise (Cindy Dumont).

Shooting documentary-style in 16mm Deroo and Pistone's acclaimed and award-winning feature "structures a multifaceted narrative around the minutiae of daily life, where a reflexive quality turns even the most everyday routines into intimate life-affirming moments" (Slant Magazine) and "brings us closer to the reality of living than many other films do, simply through small moments and gestures.. [it's] a lovely evocation of the pleasures and pain of small-town existence." (Variety)
Along with its DVD debut, MOUTON will also now available on on IndiePix Unlimited, the signature streaming subscription service of IndiePix Films.  For $5.99 per month at either or on Amazon Channels, it gives passionate cinephiles 24/7 access to a highly-curated catalog of cinematic gems from both international auteurs and visionary new voices alike, joins other contemporary classics of world cinema including 2009 Cannes Camera D'Or winner, SAMSON & DELILAH, Iranian artist Shirin Neshat's feature-length debut, the Golden Lion-nominated WOMEN WITHOUT MEN and Noaz Deshe's powerful WHITE SHADOW.


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