Monday, July 24, 2017


During his 10-season run on The Carol Burnett Show, Harvey Korman was television's top second banana, with multiple Emmy® Awards and a Golden Globe to prove it.  He was fearless: he sang, he danced, he ad-libbed, he pranced, and he made TV audiences roar with laughter.  No sketch, drama or musical number was safe once Harvey entered the scene - either from his prodigious talents, or the probable cast crack-up to come! 
Perfect for fans old or new, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: THE BEST OF HARVEY KORMAN is a brand-new single DVD featuring three (out of four) rare episodes, which haven't seen the light of day in more than 40 years.  Showcasing some of Korman's most memorable on-screen moments, home audiences will howl with delight as he slips into a Hugh Hefner-style fantasy to indulge his ego, goes way over the top as a conga player and singer supporting Carol's Carmen Miranda character, and outdoes himself donning a sequined dress and heels for an Andrews Sisters takeoff with Carol and Vicki Lawrence. 
THE BEST OF HARVEY KORMAN is a time capsule history of comedic genius, and home audiences will enjoy: 
  • Classic long-running sketches "V.I.P.," "Carol and Sis," and "The Old Folks"
  • Carol cracking up at Harvey falling on his rear in a Carmen Miranda takeoff, and Tim Conway's "Oldest Man" safecracker cracking up Harvey during a jewelry heist
  • Harvey as the President in a casual, spontaneous "Fireside Chat" with the First Family
  • A very vocal Harvey Korman Fan Club who track him to his dressing room
  • And Harvey in full drag, lip-syncing to the Andrews Sisters all to benefit the PTA!
  • Plus guest stars Sid Caesar, Diahann Carroll, Tim Conway, Ella Fitzgerald, Bernadette Peters, and Nancy Wilson 

My Thoughts

The Carol Burnett Show is one of my favorite programs from my childhood. I remember sitting with my family and watching it all the time. This comedy series brought us a collection of hilarious sketches each week and led to some fun spin-offs, like Mama's Family. This particular DVD puts the focus on scenes that include the hilarious Harvey Korman.

On this DVD you'll find both scripted and unscripted scenes including "VIP", "Carol and Sis", and "The Old Folks".  You'll get to see some classic scenes with Tim Conway and guest stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Bernadette Peters, and Nancy Wilson. There are hours of entertainment packed into these discs. It's a great walk down memory lane. 

It's hard to catch this show on television, so I was super excited to see such a great selection on DVD. Watching it brings back so many memories.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this fabulous DVD for yourself, you can find it in stores nationwide or online at Amazon.