Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RAKE, Series 2 DVD

“A scathing legal drama that’s teeming with sex, violence and smart dialogue” The Guardian
As a lawyer, Cleaver Greene (Richard RoxburghMoulin Rouge!, Van Helsing) prefers to defend those who are utterly hopeless and probably guilty; his clients include murderers, bigamists, and even cannibals. In his personal life, he dodges debt collectors and the Tax Office, while pining after a former prostitute (Adrienne PickeringThe Reef) and flirting with his best friend’s wife (Danielle CormackWentworth). Despite his roguish ways, Cleaver’s wit and charm have won him many cases and loyal friends over the years (DVD 3-Disc Set, 8 episodes, $39.99). Series 1-2 on Acorn TV.

My Thoughts

Rake is an exciting  Australian series from Acorn Media. It centers around defense attorney Richard Roxburgh. He prides himself on defending bad guys: really bad guys, including terrorists and murderers!  His personal life is messy too. He's constantly in debt and always after the wrong women. This second season had eight awesome episodes.

R v Mohammed - A man walks through Hyde park and explodes.Rake takes on his wife as a client when she is accused on conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.

R  v Fenton - Rake is facing lawsuits for harassment and defamation. He's also working on defending someone charged with impersonating a board member. 

R. v Wooldridge & Anor - Rake accidentally beds a minor actress, and then gets blackmailed into defending her when she's accused of killing one of her co-stars.

R v Floyd - Missy and Joshua face treason charges after leaking top secret information. Rake gets the case after first dealing with a creepy peeping tom. 

R v Turner - Missy is on trial for murdering her fiance. Cleaver must uncover the conspiracy to prove her innocence. 

R v Alford - Cleaver defends a man accused of cutting of his neighbor's private parts with garden shears,

Greene v Hole - Cleaver winds up at the wrong funeral after this father dies, and then has to get back his estate from a swindler named Lane.

Greene - Cleaver is put in prison for the murder of Lane's neighbor. Missy bails him out, but can he prove his innocence. 

I really enjoyed this show. Cleaver is really a rake, just as the titles implies, but he has me crushing on him just the same! Each episode was packed full of adventure, and I always enjoy seeing the judges in those white wigs. Why don't we do that in the US???  There is a lot of violence in the series, so make sure the kiddos are asleep before you pop in this disc. Overall, an exciting second season, and I can't wait to see what happens in Series 3. If you want to  grab a copy of this DVD for yourself, you can purchase one on Acorn Media or on Amazon.


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