Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Ireland’s #1 New Drama and winner of the 2017 Irish Film and TV Academy award for Best Drama Actress. Striking Out follows the tumultuous professional and personal life of Dublin-based solicitor, Tara Rafferty (Amy HubermanThe Clinic) and her fledgling legal firm. When Tara discovers, on her bachelorette party night, that her fiancé and fellow solicitor Eric Dunbar (Rory KeenanWar & Peace, Peaky Blinders) has been cheating on her with a colleague, she breaks up with him, quits her job at the prestigious law firm they worked at together, and sets about making her own way in a new life outside the inner circle of the legal profession. Co-starring Neil Morrissey (The Night Manager, Line of Duty) (DVD 2-Disc Set, 4 episodes, $39.99). Available on Acorn TV.

My Thoughts 

Striking Out is an Irish crime drama series set in Dublin. It centers around a women named Tara who caught her fiance cheating with a colleague. This leads her to quit her job and take on a more questionable set of clients. She even works in the back of a cafe and uses a former client as her assistant.  The cases she takes on put her on the outs with the influential people in town. It's a new and original concept. This first season has four episodes. 

Episode One - Tara catches her man, Eric, in the act with a co-worker. She leaves her high-profile firm and goes out on her own..

Episode Two - Tara works on the case of a disputed will. Eric begs her to take him back, but she sticks to her guns.

Episode Three - Two women both claim to be married to the same dying man and fight to be listed as next of kin.

Episode Four -  Tara helps out a friend of Ray's when their child is taken away and helps Vincent with an inquiry. 
This was a great series with lots of interesting mysteries mixed with some political drama. I love that it features a strong female lead. I also enjoyed the Irish accents! I really liked the series, and I'm exited to see what they come up with next.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this exciting new series, you can find it on Acorn Media or on Amazon.