Friday, May 12, 2017

Martin's Clunes Islands of Australia

The fun and beautiful three-part docuseries MARTIN CLUNES’ ISLANDS OF AUSTRALIA debuts on DVD on May 16, 2017 from Athena, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. In this gorgeously shot new documentary, beloved actor Martin Clunes(Doc Martin) is on a quest to discover the islands of Australia. With over 8,000 to choose from, Clunes—an avid nature and animal lover—selects 16 of the best to explore in this three-part series. Along the way, he learns about the diversity, history and challenges of island life Down Under. When the series premiered in Australia, it was the most-watched show of the night (DVD Single, 34.99). The miniseries made its U.S. premiere in March 2017 on Acorn TV, the premier North American streaming service for world-class television from Britain and beyond.

Full of infectious excitement, Clunes makes for “a warm and engaging host” (The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia) on this fun and fascinating encounter with unique lands that showcase the diversity, history, and challenges of life Down Under.

Beginning in the iconic city of Sydney, he also travels to Norfolk Island, with its brutal convict past; to the Tiwi Islands, where he visits with Aborigines; and to the magical Muirons, where he swims with the biggest fish in the ocean. He ventures to the mysterious island of Carnac, home to hundreds of highly venomous snakes, and to Maria Island, where he learns about scientists’ efforts to save Tasmanian devils from extinction.

Martin Clunes remains one of the most popular actors on Acorn TV. The service features several of his series including Men Behaving Badly, Reggie Perrin, William & Mary, A is for Acid, Hunting Venus, Losing Itand The Man Who Lost His Head, as well as his must-see documentaries: Islands of Britain, Man and Beast, Horsepower, and Wild Life. Doc Martin, Series 8 premieres in Fall 2017 on Acorn TV.

Street Date: May 16, 2017                                                SRP: $34.99
DVD Single: 3 episodes – SDH Subtitles – Approx. 144 minutes - UPC 054961256198

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My Thoughts 

Martin's Clunes Islands of Australia is an amazing box set that takes you into the world of Australia alongside Doc Martin star Martin Clunes. There are three exciting episodes in this series that give you a look at some exotic animals in their natural habitats, lets you meet with the Aborigines, journey through mysterious islands, and much more. Each stop is beautiful and awe-inspiring. Episodes include:

Eastern - Clunes hits Sydney harbor, Ft. Denison on Pinch-Gut Island, Lord Howe Island, and Kentia. He visits a stunning garden, a prison, a pearl farm, and an island invested with spiders. 

Northern- Stops in this episode include Melville’s, Bathhurst’s Tiwi Island, Muirons and the Ningaloo Reef.  We learn a little about the Aboriginal history, play with sea lions and snakes, and visit some stunning but dangerous reefs.

Southern- Finally, we stop at Mundoo Island, Phillip Island, and the Tasmania Islands. You'll get a close up look at the Tasmanian devil, visit a penguin conversation,   and learn a lot about kelp!

All three of these documentaries were beautifully shot, fun to watch, and educational. I especially love seeing all the beautiful wildlife in Australia.  Martin Clune's is the perfect host. You could see he really enjoyed his travels. My whole family enjoyed watching and learning more the beautiful country of Australia and its many mysteries. 


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