Saturday, May 13, 2017



A mythical story about friendship and discovery, A Mermaid’s Tale swims home on DVD and Digital HD on May 16 from Lionsgate. Awarded the Dove® seal of approval, this “enchanting modern fairy tale” (The Dove Foundation) stars Jerry O’Connell, Caitlin Carmichael, and Barry Bostwick. When a young girl is forced to move with her father to a small seaside town, she struggles to fit in and make new friends. One day she discovers a secluded cove where she befriends a mysterious mermaid, and together they uncover a secret that could help save the town. A Mermaid’s Tale will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $19.98


When a twelve-year-old girl befriends a quirky teenage mermaid who’s anything but mythical, their friendship could heal an age-old feud between humans and sea people. Jerry O’Connell (Jerry Maguire) and Barry Bostwick (TV’S “Spin City”) bring to life this family-friendly saga of a young girl’s playful friendship with a teenage mermaid.

My Thoughts

In a Mermaid's Tale, a little girl meets a teenage mermaid. It's a relationship that has been forbidden for years because humans and mermaids didn't trust each other. Ryan just moved to a new town with her grandfather and she thought it was going to be hard to make friends before she finds Coral. But the town blames the mermaids for chasing the fish out of the town. Now, the two friends must overcome the past and help bring their people together.

This was a really magical movie and lots of fun for the whole family. My daughter just loved seeing the mermaid come to life on the screen. They are one of her favorite mythological creatures. I also loved that the story focused on friendship instead of romance for a change. This story centers around a strong friend and a little magic, which makes for great entertainment on family movie night.