Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pucker Up! Here's the Ultimate Care Product for Your Pout!

Exposing lips to the harsh winter weather may leave lips chapped, cracked and dry. Tending to lips requires more than just a fruity flavored balm or protectant to soothe the skin. Check out the new AllGlamR’s Lip Servis, a natural moisturizing lip treatment that holds the key to a mouth of full, soft, and healthy looking lips

Lips are constantly in use and openly exposed to winter’s harsh environment so they are more subject to dehydration and aging. Lip Servis reduces fine lines and surface folds creating naturally fuller, more defined lips naturally while repairing signs of skin damage due to wind, cold and sun exposure. Lip Servis is jammed full of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural humectant that draws moisture from the surrounding air to the lips reinforcing the connective tissue, keeping skin soft, supple and plump while improving elasticity.

Lip Servis's lip-loving formulation works by providing long lasting moisture and stimulating the molecular structure of lips’ thin skin membranes. Collagen and hyaluronic acid play an integral role in shaping, filling and defining the appearance of lips. Lip Servis’s complex blend of safe, irritant-free ingredients directly stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis while restoring optimal moisturization when worn alone or under pigmented lip products.

"If your lips are very dry and cracked, avoid licking your lips and don't bite the skin on the surface of your lips as the skin will never have a chance to heal. Massage lips in the morning with a moisture delivering treatment like Lip Servis and at night before you go to bed”, says Gina Caruso the esthetician who developed the AllGlamR skincare collection.

"This can help boost your lips’ natural ability for repair while you sleep."

Lip Servis Benefits:
                - Stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis
                - Plumps through collagen proliferation and skin hydration
                - Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and surface folds
                - Locks in moisture
                - Irritant free

Smooth over lip area as often as needed. May be used under lipstick or alone.

 Manufactured in the USA. Totally Paraben free products and handcrafted
without harmful additives and irritants and never, tested on animals.  
.5 fl Oz/$40.00. For more information and to purchase visit

My Thoughts:

Having sensitive skin that's prone to dryness, I was very excited to try, Lip Servis. I think I have purchased almost every lip balm on the market throughout the harsh winters and summers where my lips are at their driest. Almost all of them are thrown away after a week or so of giving them a chance. The constant need to reapply through the day, on top of waking up to see little to no results the next morning gets so frustrating. It feels like throwing money away. 

One of the first reasons that Lip Servis stood out to me was the ingredients and the benefits. Not only was the formula irritant free, it also locks in moisture while stimulating collagen. It can even help your lips when it comes to avoiding and treating fine lines and wrinkles. It is rare to find a product that can do all that in one! 

With the first application I could tell that the formula was thick, creamy, and easy to apply. You do not need a lot of the product to cover your lips. You can look below at the next couple of pictures to see how dreamy the formula is. Right away my lips felt soft and supple. It begins soaking in pretty fast with enough left over to make your lips feel cleansed. I had a couple dry spots and I could feel them hydrating. My little brother who also suffers from dry lips was surprised upon his first application too. He had a few minor cracks and could feel his lips beginning to heal. This did not sting or hurt the cracks at all.   

 After a couple days of use my lips were looking and feeling fantastic. I could see results the very next day! The dry spots were gone and my lips were easier to exfoliate. My brother also had fantastic results as well. I have not seen a product heal cracked lips so quickly. It also works great underneath lipsticks for my makeup lovers! 

Lip Servis is the way to go for those who are looking for a way to finally heal their lips and keep them looking and feeling hydrated, soft, and supple. If you are tired of other products that provide little to no results, I urge you to give this a shot! My tube now has a special spot in my purse.   

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