Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide- Cat Claw Scratchers

I love my cat, but scratching up the furniture can be a real problem. I would never declaw him, but I needed to find a solution. Cat Claws provides it in a way that is functional and Eco-friendly.  Cat Claws has a whole line of adorable cardboard scratchers that come in cool designs and provide hours of fun for your cat. The best part is, that once they tear it to pieces, you can recycle it!

We received the sofa shaped stretch scrather, and my cats thought it was awesome. I set it up right near by desk since she always likes to be near me. Before she kept scratching up my office chair. Now she leaps right onto the scratcher. She loves scratching it, but she also enjoys simply lounging around on it. Maybe it's that bag of organic cat nip that came with it. Just sprinkle a little on the scrather to give your cat even more incentive to use it.

These adorable scratchers come in a tons of different designs, so you're sure to find something to suit your personal taste. But what I really love about them, is that they are so affordable. They cost a fraction of the price of other scratchers. You might think it's only because this is technically disposable and the others aren't. However, I've tried those pricier brands, and they never last more than a few months either. If you are going to have to replace them either way, why not save money and do the best thing for the environment? Every cat lover should have a few of these in their arsenal.  These fun scratchers would make a great gift for your feline friend's this Valentine's Day, especially the one in cute pink and red colors. Be sure to head over to Cat Claws now to see all the other fun ideas they have to spoil your favorite kitty.


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